15 Critically Injured After Life-Threatening Fire Outbreak In Tenderloin Apartments In San Francisco

The fire alarm that injured over 15 people in Sierra Madre Apartments in San Francisco’s Tenderloin has been confirmed. The incident took place on Saturday when A person knocked on a fire officer’s door who lives in the same building yelling fire. It was a very panicking situation where the fuming smoke spread like anything injuring several people. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The apartment has six floors of buildings where elderly people and animals resided. The fire broke out at 6:30 AM on Saturday. It left over 15 people critically injured. However, Paul’s hitman confirmed that the people were directly taken to the hospital and no deaths have been recorded yet. The best thing about the whole situation is that over 20 people were rescued and saved. Out of which there were several elderly people.

The Fire Outbreak

Videos and pictures of the fuming smoke coming out from the top floors went viral all over social media platforms. In the videos, we can see how terribly the fire was caught in the house. People could have even died but with the help of fire officers, they were saved. One officer was also injured while rescuing the residents. Several people appreciated his actions to save others while getting injured himself.

Picture via google images.

Reports confirmed that several people including the injured officer have incurred life-threatening injuries. However, doctors have confirmed that they will be fine after being bedridden for a while. The heroic actions of the fire officers have been appreciated by the residents and people all over the internet. This is not the first time a fire had been caught in a San Francisco is a resident. Several incidents like this take place every few days. And hence the officers have asked the people to be extra careful with gas and fire. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show, celebrity, and US local news.

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