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$17 Million Cash Recovered From Nephew Nicolas Hidden By Pablo Escobar!

Pablo Escobar
Source: A&E

Nephew Nicolas Escobar Finds $17 Million In Cash Hidden By Pablo Escobar.

Drug lord Pablo Escobar was a mafia who was way beyond the police of that time. The government and law and order were behind him, and he came down only after multiple attempts. Moreover, he got more popular with the show Narcos that closely follows his life. Now his nephew has come in front of the media to reveal that his house has 17 million dollars in cash that were hidden by Pablo. He recently discovered the money and showed it to the press.

Pablo Escobar
Source: A&E

Nicholas Escobar Reveals The Story Behind Hidden Cash

Nicholas Escobar had been living in the house for five years, and it is now that he discovered the cash left by Pablo. However, the money was hidden behind a wall and had rotten beyond use. Moreover, he said, “Every time I sat in the dining room and looked towards the car park, I saw a man entering the place and disappearing. The smell [inside] was astonishing. A smell 100 times worse than something that had died.”

Nicholas Escobar Is Not Seeing Hidden Cash From Pablo Escobar For The First Time

Nicholas revealed that this was not the first time that he was finding cash hidden by his uncle. Pablo Escobar was the biggest drug dealer and had to hide a lot of black money that he generated from the drug business. Supposedly Pablo has hidden a lot of cash across Columbia, but all they are still behind the walls due to the death of Pablo.

Pablo Escobar
Source: Business Insider

Pablo Escobar Was The Seventh Richest At His Peak

Pablo Escobar was probably the most savage drug lord that the world has ever seen. He was an unstoppable force, and his brain was sharper than anyone trying to catch him. If only Pablo had used it for good. He was the seventh wealthiest individual with a net worth of around $30 billion at his peak.

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