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23 People Test Positive In China For Coronavirus By Sharing A Bus With An Infected Person ! Opens Up Questions On Air Transmission Of The Virus !

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Does Coronavirus Transmission Take Place Through Air

People Test Positive In China: There is a long debate as to whether coronavirus spreads through the air. Initial findings implied no spread through the air. However, later it was found that air transmission can take place through aerosol. WHO has made it very clear as per the findings till now. It’s official website said, β€œAirborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 can occur during medical procedures that generate aerosols (β€œaerosol-generating procedures”). WHO, together with the scientific community, has been actively discussing and evaluating whether SARS-CoV-2 may also spread through aerosols in the absence of aerosol-generating procedures, particularly in indoor settings with poor ventilation.”

New Coronavirus Outbreak In China

The coronavirus pandemic is adamant about ruining the life of humans. The cases are going up and the hopes of people for a normal lifestyle is clearly going down. With every passing day, a life of masks and sanitizers seems to become more and more normal. As per the latest news, there is a new outbreak in China for coronavirus. China has managed to keep the virus under control even though it spread from China to all other countries. The latest outbreak saw as many as 23 people getting infected from a single person.

23 People Test Positive For Coronavirus After Going On The Same Bus

The spread of the virus took place inside a bus. The infected people along with the 23 people were going to a religious place. The outbreak of the virus took place in Zhejiang province, China. The spread of the virus took place because the people were not wearing a mask. The incident took place before it was made mandatory to wear a mask for the prevention of coronavirus spread. This could lead to a new wave of spread as the 23 people might have met more people.

Source: NY Times

What Does The Recent Outbreak In China Imply

The recent case of 23 people getting the virus with just a bus ride together poses doubt that the virus can spread through the air even without aerosols. If this is true, then a 2-meter social distance measure may become inadequate. People must try to take maximum precautions while going to crowded places.

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