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25-Year-Old Killed By A Random Crazy Stranger On The Streets.

A 27-year-old man faced court and charged for bashing murder of a 25-year-old Melbourne, women Courtney Hereon. Melbourne women, Courtney would still be alive if his killer had not won a legal appeal to walk free from the jail earlier.

The killer had criminal records in the past, from murder to pulling a knife and checking his own girlfriend. Last year he killed a random girl on the street with a branch of a tree.

After the brutal murder of Courtney Herron, Herron’s family has described that Hammond (the killer) won’t be sent to jail. He will rather be sent to a psychiatric facility- following a decision by prosecutors to consent to a not guilty plea on the basis of mental impairment.

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No Justice.

Ms Herron’s father said ‘Justice system had failed badly today, my daughter died and she would have lived if Hammond wasn’t released.

It had a devastating impact on her family, especially her siblings, who are his struggling to go through it.

Courtney’s father John Herron slammed the court’s decision by saying despite the judge. Admitting the court’s corrections programme was a odds for the killer free-spirited ‘nomadic’ lifestyle where he did had any life base. It is hard for any family to accept the fact that the killer isn’t getting any punishment, and there’s no room for justice in society.

Mr Herron further says ‘My daughter was really intelligent and had a great future ahead. But the fact that a killer was released. He went straight on the streets, put some ice and killed my daughter.

What Mr Hammond did was very inhuman, and people claim he had a mental abnormality. He is a father of 2 and yet had killed and abused so many people. He always gets away from all the crimes because of his mental abnormality.

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