3.08% Decrease Of COVID-19 Cases In New York City.

After almost one year of sufferance and death and all the problems, finally, it looks like the average cases have reached a peak, and now it is decreasing. Many countries are still facing the second and third wave of coronavirus; on the other hand, in some states, the cases are declining.

3.08% Decrease In The Cases

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo yesterday gave a list of data and analysis, which shows the decreases in cases. The update mainly covers the data of New York City. The data was uploaded on the official websites of health in the USA.

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Andrew mentions that he is here to give the data, and he understands the idea of progress. And he is glad to inform everyone that New York City has progressed with a minimum decrease in cases since the past few weeks.


However, the Governor then says that even though there’s a decrease in cases, that doesn’t mean that the city can’t face the second face of virus-like other countries. He says we still have a lot of work to do with the main being the precautions to be taken.


The GovernorΒ mainly focuses on the numerical value of 3.08%. Which mainly indicates the percentage value of the decrease in coronavirus in New York City. Yesterday almost 16,000 people were tested from which around 600 people tested positive.


Soon after the data was released, it excited people. However, it is a long way to go until things become routine. People are highly suggested to take all the measures and precautions until things get back to normal. What do you think about it?

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