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3 Important Advantages of Cloud Call Centres



Cloud computing has made it possible for businesses to conduct business on the go without relying on a physical location. There are a lot of ways businesses have evolved because of cloud computing. Employees no longer need to carry bulky external hard drives for essential data. 

Before cloud computing, files that are stored in your desktop PC at home will need to be saved in a portable storage device such as an external HDD or a USB flash drive so that you can carry them to your office. Once you have worked on your files at the office, you will then need to save and store your files back on the HDD, and load them on your home PC if you want to continue your work at home. 

Nowadays, cloud computing lets you save your file on the cloud, access it anywhere using any device, and your data will sync and be kept updated at all times. Companies that offer BPO services such as call centres are now utilising cloud computing technologies beyond that of just using it as virtual storage for files. BPO companies are now moving their communication infrastructures to cloud call centre solutions


What are Cloud Call Centre Solutions? 

3 Important Advantages of Cloud Call Centres

Cloud call centre solutions are services provided under cloud computing technologies that integrate all the essential elements of a contact centre solution without having the need and being dependent on a physical location. To further explain, a traditional contact centre company will have a complex communication system that is located within its office. This system will handle all the voice, text, chat, and email communications between the company and its customers. A dedicated ICT team will maintain this centralised communication system to keep the smooth flow of communications. 


Cloud call centre solutions will also do all the things that a traditional communication system can do and even better. However, the difference is that cloud solutions will not need a physical location but rather be located virtually in the cloud provided by third-party providers. 


The Advantages of Cloud Call Centre Against Traditional Contact Centers.

3 Important Advantages of Cloud Call Centres

The features and capabilities that a cloud call centre have are almost the same as those of a traditional contact centre. The only main difference that sets them apart is that a conventional contact centre software system is housed in a physical location in the office while a cloud contact centre is on a public or private cloud. Nevertheless, the absence of a physical location of the cloud contact centre has made it possible to have these following advantages:


Rapid Deployment

When there is a need to improve contact technologies, deployment via the cloud will be almost instantaneous. This means that any new technology available to enhance contact services will instantaneously be deployed and installed on the devices of your field agents wherever they are. 


Enable Agents to Work Remotely

When you transfer to cloud call centre solutions, you will not be dependent on your office to make or take calls. You can give all your agents the necessary cloud applications on their own devices and allow them to work remotely from almost anywhere in the globe with access to the internet. This system allows your agents to continue working even if they are not able to go to the office. Using cloud centre solutions can also allow you to recruit more qualified agents who can work anywhere and anytime. 


Lessen Costs

Since you won’t rely on a physical location anymore for your contact centre solutions, you can do away with renting a large office to house your agents. You can maintain a small office to represent your company while having agents working at the comforts of their own homes. This work setup will allow you to save on costs and divert the savings into improving your contact centre technologies further. Cloud call centre solutions offer a lot of benefits to both customers and companies alike. 



From Job Seeker to Job Creator, Entrepreneur Hari Soni is a man of substance




Hari Soni is a name in the business world who believes not in telling everyone his plans, instead of showing them the results. A sheer professional, who dared to leave her shining career for living his dreams of an entrepreneur, is an example today for hundreds of budding businessmen.

After completing his education from the Rajasthan University, Hari Soni joined a multinational company Genpact. His sharp business skills and sheer dedication helped the company reaching new heights.

Despite having a clear mind of doing his own business, Hari Soni gave himself more time to settle down in the industry. He joined another giant Aircel Ltd and gave his six years. The trust between him and the company was commendable and he was awarded many times with the employee of the month and year award.

From Job Seeker to Job Creator, Entrepreneur Hari Soni is a man of substance

He joined another company but by this time he was prepared to chase his dreams and he floated his own company Kishu Enterprise. After establishing his maiden firm, he launched KKHS Buildhomes Pvt Ltd to cement his foot in the real estate sector. He also launched a new company KKHS Media Pvt Ltd. His aim is to make a name by opening a renowned media house, widely covering all the news publishing platforms, including digital, print and electronic.

A die-hard believer of the line – “Trust the timing of your life”, Hari Soni never takes any decision in a hurry and for the same reason, he is among the top successful entrepreneurs of the present times. He believes in not taking any shortcuts and for the same reason, despite having adequate resources to start his own business, he worked as an employee for years.

When asked about how he decided to shift from a job seeker to a job giver, Hari said, “I was always keen to be my own boss. Not in any egoistic way but I love to follow my own decisions and take full responsibility of what I do. Even when I was doing a job, I never ran away from my responsibilities and my long career of almost 8 years is an example of it.”

Was it tough to shift from job to business, Hari said, “No it was not. Doing business was always in my mind but I just wanted to give myself time. I drilled the industry by remaining in the job and then I started my business. I was, till then, aware of all the challenges of the industry and I was prepared for it.”

Hari Soni stands a perfect example to all those who say that it is not easy for an employee to run his own business. With foolproof planning, honesty and dedication once can reach any horizons he chooses form himself

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Powerful Business Communication Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs




An Entrepreneur needs to have powerful communication skills to lead business meetings and leads. Most of the businesses need proper skills that can bring some high-paying work opportunities for them. 

No matter if your company is using 0844 numbers or not, these skills are crucial for every business and are able to bring some positive changes in your organization.

Being Polite

A businessman or entrepreneur communicates with different clients, vendors, and customers. It is important to be polite with them to make better relations with the suppliers and consumers of your business.

Successful businessmen always listen to their customer’s feedback and revert with a positive and polite reply. 

Note: Being polite is not just about the tone of voice as your actions also reflect your politeness.


The clarity in voice and message is the most important part of good communication. It allows both parties to understand the motive of communication and to proceed to the right decision. We have seen that noise in communication can change the whole meaning of it.

Here, noise is not just the sound as it can also include a lack of attention, credibility, respect, and emotion towards the other person. Hence, the skill of having clarity in your communication is necessary for your business.

Problem-solving Skill

10 Powerful Business Communication Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs

You will be dealing with different problems in the communication of your organization with your customers. Hence, you will need to learn to understand the problems and provide a solution for that.

One of the most common problems that your customers face is the high calling rates of customer support. Another problem can be related to the conflict between your employees or vendors.  An entrepreneur must research these problems and their solutions. 

Note: You can solve your calling rate charge problem with WeNumber that provides affordable 0844 numbers for organizations. Additionally, You can find out what are 0844 numbers on their official website. 


Being able to negotiate is the best communication skill you can learn for your business. It includes convincing the other person to accept the offer with your terms and conditions. Almost every business needs negotiation skills to compete with this competitive world.

Basic Writing Skill

Communication can be in any form including speaking, writing, and body gestures. That is why writing skill is equally as important as speaking skills. It does not mean that you will need to become a top-notch writer to improve your communication skills.

All you need to do is focus on some basic writing guidelines that can help you professionally connect with your clients. It includes writing emails, updating your website content, and replying to your customer queries.

Convincing Communication Skill

A successful entrepreneur is the one who can convince the organizations to do business with them. Having communication skills that can convince the other party on your point is the best gift one can have. You can learn this skill by improving your word choice and replying manner.


Getting the attention of the other person is crucial for every entrepreneur. Having confidence in your communication makes you the leader of the conversation. It will help them understand that you are the right person to provide the service they are looking for.

The confidence can reflect in your voice, body language, and writings too. Thus, mastering this communication skill will let you become an industry leader in a short time.

Presentation And Explaining Skill

An entrepreneur is always leading his team for their goal. In this process, they go through different presentations where they explain the motive behind an action. It is helpful when the organization needs to decide with the help of board meetings.

That is where your presentation and explaining skills will help you lead the meeting. You can use WeNumber to manage your calls, emails, and presentations with your customers. 



Respecting the point of view of the other person helps you create a better business relationship with them. Giving them a sense of friendliness can bring the conversation to your benefit in a minute. 

It is an important skill to learn as most of the customers shift their service provider for the lack of respect. You can simply start by calling them with their name to show that they are just the customers for you. 

Healthy Discussion & Debate

You can have healthy debates with your team and clients to discuss all the pros and cons of a decision. This decision or action can be related to a product, service, policy, agreement, etc.

It refers to a process of understanding what the other person wants to say and replying with your view on the topic. It will allow you to close deals and meetings on a positive note.


Every type of business requires a powerful communication skill when using 0844 as service numbers to close the deals and make the sales for their organization. Hence, these 10 powerful business communication skills for successful entrepreneurs are going to help you with it.

Although every business requires a different set of skills, still you can adapt these in your life to get some amazing results. 


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Email checker Review: An ultimate solution for Email Marketing Agencies




While browsing the internet, you may have come across several websites that ask for your email address. These websites then start sending promotional or spam mails to your email account. These mails can easily fill up your entire mailbox, thus preventing important mails from coming on top of the list. It is a perfect tool for email marketing agencies for cleaning up their email lists and removing spam mail entries.


No one likes removing spam emails one by one as it can be a time-consuming job to do. But, you can prevent your mailbox from receiving emails from spam and promotional websites on the internet. Several email verifier platforms are available that offer services for the same.

Introduction: Email Checker

Email Checker is one such service that checks every email address that you receive an email from. It verifies email addresses in real-time using its asynchronous API that returns accurate results quickly.


Email verification services are important as they validate email addresses and check them for authority and errors. Almost every brand associated with Ecommerce uses specific email verification services for processing their data.

Features of Email Checker

Aforementioned, EmailChecker is an email verification service that checks whether an email address is valid, authoritative, and legit.


In addition to this, the tool also offers some extra features to its users. We have mentioned several features along with a short description for each.

Spam Prevention

Websites that direct a user to spammy websites or web pages often send promotional emails to your email account. These websites try to register your details in their database without your permission. Therefore, there is an utmost need for spam prevention on the internet.


Email Checker’s spam-prevention will save your online details by blocking and flagging such spam mails on your account. If you’re an individual and love surfing the web every now and then, then this feature will be a lifesaver for you.

Bulk Checking

If you have a long list of email addresses in your database, then Email Checker is there to help you out. With the bulk batch checking feature, users can upload their list on the tool and start the bulk checker. All the emails are passed through certain validation checks to be flagged as either spam or legit.

Integrated Verification

If you own an e-commerce store on the internet, then you must come across hundreds of fake email addresses daily. Email Checker offers quick and easy API integration to its users. You can integrate their Real-Time API in your source code. The API will then check every email address you receive for authority and validation.

Real-Time Verification

The Real-Time Email Checker API starts the validation process for the emails right away. All the emails you receive in your mailbox are tested for authenticity with the help of multiple validation checks.


You can easily integrate the API into your program as you will be provided with the API endpoints. Then, the choice of what should be done with the response is all yours. The API supports many programming languages including Python, PHP, Java, and C.

Customer Service

If you have any doubts or queries related to the tool, then the Email Checker customer support is always there to help you out. Just contact them, notify them of your issue, and you will hear from them in no time.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing is one of the primary aspects of any service. Well, with Email Checker’s customizable plans, you do not need to worry about the cost. The lowest plan costs around 10$ every month. Users with this plan can check and validate 1000 emails.


If you have no idea about your usage statistics, then you will be glad to know that Email Checker also offers a Pay as You Go pricing plan. You will be charged for the number of emails you have verified in the given month. It is one of the most used plans to date.


For developers and API customers, Email Checker has a thorough documentation that can be understood by anyone with a little experience in the IT industry.

Email checker Review

If you are a programmer, then you won’t face any issues with their API as every feature and function has been explained within their documentation.

Email Checker Validation Checks

As mentioned above, Email Checker verifies emails by passing them through multiple validation checks. For those who have been wondering about these checks, we have mentioned the three tests that every email address is passed through.

Syntax Check

First and foremost, an email address is checked for the correct syntax. This check verifies and corrects syntax errors in the email address if any. These errors include spelling or grammar mistakes in the email, misplaced domain extensions, and more.

Domain Check

After the syntax of the email is fixed, the tool checks the status of the domain extension in the email address. For an email to pass through the domain check, the website must be live at the time of checking. 

Email Ping

At last, Email Checker pings the email address with a test mail which usually consists of an “Extended Hello” or “EHLO”. As soon as the server sends back a response, the email passes the Email Ping Test.

Advantages of Email Checker

Apart from the numerous features that Email Checker offers, users would also experience the various advantages enlisted below.

  • Codes for API Response – The Email Checker API returns various response codes for Bad and Unknown Emails.
  • Yahoo Verification – Users are provided with a Real-Time API with Yahoo Mail.
  • Integrations – For automating tasks and response retrievals, integrating the API with any application is easy.
  • Dashboard – Users have access to a sleek and simple dashboard that provides an amazing user experience.
  • Customer Support – The Email Checker team is always available for your queries and issues.
  • Documentation – The developer team provides a well-described documentation for the API.
  • Bulk API – Users get access to a Bulk Email Checker API that can save your time and resources.

Disadvantages of Email Checker

As every coin has two sides, Email Checker has some cons associated with it. We have mentioned some disadvantages of using the email verification service.

  • The profanity detection feature does not work every time.
  • The Email Checker spam trap might not always work on every email address.
  • The accuracy of the mail validator is not 100%.

Wrapping Up

So that was our take on Email Checker. It is no doubt one of the best email verification services on the internet. With customized plans and affordable pricing, even an individual can get a plan that suits their needs.


Email Checker offers several features to their users including Real-Time detection, bulk checking, spam prevention, easy integration, and amazing customer support. Although, there are some disadvantages of the service but overall, it is a top-notch tool for all your email verification needs.


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