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5 Mysterious Sci-Fi Movies You Should Stream On Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime

Social Distancing is boring and staying at home is getting difficult every day. This is the perfect chance for us to watch some fantastic science fiction movies! Amazon Prime is a great place to do so. Check out 5 Mysterious Sci-Fi Movies On Amazon.

5Β Mysterious Sci-Fi Movies On Amazon Prime:

1. Ex Machina

This world has relied on evolution. Humans have evolved and suppressed the weaker species, tamed what cannot be suppressed and have moved forward. What will happen when Caleb’s creation- a robot, learns to interpret human beings? Will she develop independent thoughts?

This is no ordinary story about Artificial intelligence. Robots are not capable of thinking, or is that so? Watch this thrilling sci-fi movie to find out what goes down amid a forest while two men explore the world of female Robots.

5 Mysterious Sci-Fi Movies
Ex Machina is available in Amazon Prime, and this is a plot from the movie.

2. Deja Vu

We all must have experienced Deja Vu once in a while. It is the feeling that you had felt this moment before, lived this exact incident too many times. The movie takes us through the scenes of a ferry explosion and a bit of the past. A ferry explodes midway, and the FBI are looking for the person who caused this.

The gripping story with an intense feeling of on edge will leave us thrilled. Will the officer win the race against time and save the people? Deja vu can only tell.

3. Gravity

Outer Space is mesmerising to look at and even more scary to think about. The large black of nothingness- not even air, is a difficult place to be in. What if you are to remain stuck in such a situation? With no signs of humans around us, just the Earth in a distance and a lonely you.

Gravity is comfort and Earth is home. Will the duo make it back to Earth when they are hit by space debris? Watch the heart racing movie to find out.

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5 Mysterious Sci-Fi Movies
A plot from Gravity and the movie is available on Amazon Prime.

4. Her

We all have Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and so many other Ai to help us out with our life. What if someone talks to them more frequently than they should? Falling in love with an AI is an absolute no, it is not something capable of human emotions. However, the movieΒ Her suggests otherwise. We can see how Theodore has the time of his life dating Her. Will he ever realise what is wrong with this idea?

5. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Back to some superheroes and fun sci-fi movies! Guardians of the Galaxy is a piece of entertainment. Moreover, it has the iconic duo of Rocket and Groot! Most of us have already seen this movie, but if you haven’t, it’s the perfect time to do so!

Peter must gather up his companions to fight the obstacles in his way! They must help him defeat Ronan whether they like it or not. Watch today!

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