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5 Secret Powers About The Avengers You Didnt Know About !

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A lot of superheroes we are familiar with generally have more powers than we probably realize. Like everyone knowsΒ The HulkΒ is super strong whereasΒ Spider-ManΒ can stick to walls and shoot webs from his arm. In addition to this, we also know that QuicksilverΒ is fast, andΒ Iron ManΒ can fly. However, other characters are known to bust out powers from absolutely nowhere.

So without wasting time, well list out five secret powers about Marvel’s AvengersΒ which you may not know about:

5 Secret Super Powers You Didn’t Know The Avengers Have

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1) Black Panther Can Create Illusions

From what we’ve seen in the past, we know that Black Panther wears a high tech suit made of vibranium armor. This renders him to absorb kinetic energy. However, what you don’t know is that the suit is full of gadgets that grant T’Challa many other powers. One of them is a projection of extremely convincing holograms.

2) The Hulk Can See Ghosts

Everyone knows thatΒ The HulkΒ is super strong and you certainly don’t want to mess with him when he’s angry. Although, what you won’t know is that the big guy can see astral beings which include ghosts.Β Bruce Banner’sΒ alter ego can sense the wrongness in the environment around him. Similar to how a dog is the first to sense danger.

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3) Iron Man Has A Freeze Ray

Iron ManΒ is the alter ego of genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropistΒ Tony Stark.Β His high tech armor allows him to fly, makes him durable, and gives him incredible strength. A power you might know his suit has is theΒ Freeze Ray.Β Similar to howΒ SupermanΒ can freeze his opponents with his freeze breath, Iron Man can freeze his enemies by a potent beam of ultra freon.

4) Thor Is Telepathic

Thor is a God from Norse mythology and arguably the strongest avenger. The God Of Thunder can control the weather at his will and possess super strength to level any opponent easily. However, theΒ MjolnirΒ has granted Thor with several additional powers which include the power of Telepathy. Not only can Thor fend off mental attacks of psychotic villains, but he also can alter people’s memories.

5) Spider-Man Is Immune To Radiation

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If you’d remember,Β Peter ParkerΒ was bitten by a radioactive spider which altered his DNA turning him into the web-slinging superheroΒ Spider-Man.Β He gained powers such as enhanced strength, bullet-dodging speed, and increased durability. But what you didn’t know is that all his powers grant him complete immunity from all kinds of radiation

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