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53-Year-Old Halle Berry Flaunts Her Ripped Back Muscles In A Bikini!

Halle Berry on a talk show
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53-Year-Old Halle Berry Flaunts Her Ripped Back Muscles In A Bikini!:Β It’s no secret that the 53-year-old Halle Berry is an inspiration to most of us. Her perfectly ripped body gives us major fitness goals. And, Berry never stops flaunting what she’s got.

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Recently, Berry sizzled Instagram when she put up pictures of her in a bikini showing off her perfect ripped back muscles. So, without further ado, let us get into the details of Halle Berry’s perfect body!

Ageless Berry!

The John Wick 3 star Halle Berry is all ready for her summer hues. She’s living it up on a beach. Not so long ago, Berry took Instagram to share a photo of herself in a mid-air jump, while holding a scarf and wearing a backless black one-piece bikini.

She posted the picture captioning:

“Sometimes you’ve to say f– it, and just do it!’

Halle Berry
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While her jump is as astounding as her camera timing, it’s the back that steals the show!

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Halle Talks About Her Back!

Over the few years, Halle has tried focusing more training on her back. While talking about her training, she said:

“Though I’ve always given my back workout love, I really started to lean into strengthening it a few years ago. I was training to film John Wick 3 and then my upcoming movie, Bruised, I needed to look and perform like a fighter.”

Halle Berry
via News Break

She further added:

“So, my trainer Peter and I started dedicating two workouts per week to my back, and it made a massive difference in getting it to look really ripped.”

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Berry Talks About Her Favourite Exercises!

It’s no secret that to get this body, Halle trains like a beast. When asked about her favourite exercises, Halle said:

“I rely on my resistance loop even more now, since it’s easy to use at home. Sometimes, to spice things up, Peter will have me switch up my grip on my resistance loop rows so that instead of rowing with my palm facing in, I’ll do the move with my palm up or down. Though it doesn’t seem much of a change, you really feel the difference after a few sets.”

Other than resistance loops, Berry loves her bent-over rows. She added:

“I also use my loop to work on the bent-over rows- and love, love, love to do TRX rows when I can too.”

Besides these, she said:

“Peter and I also work on dumbbell flies and tons of different row variations, which never fail to set my muscles on fire.”

Well, Halle’ss workouts and fitness training surely give us fitness goals! Let us know if you think Halle is an inspiration!

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