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6ix9ine Is Disappointed After Release Of New Album ‘Tattle Tales’! Come Backs In New Look!

6ix9ine Is Disappointed
source: In Review Online

6ix9ine was hospitalised a week ago fate his Release from Prison. As a result, the Rapper is now healthy and is looking forward to a new Album Release. Moreover, He made an appearance on his Instagram handle addressing His fans and Followers. The actor is still recovering and needs some Social Change as per sources. Hence let us Move ahead with the topic and learn more about Tekashi and his recent video, which he posted.

6ix9ine Is Disappointed

6ix9ine Is Disappointed
source: Cosmopolitan

Tekashi’s Recent Album ‘Tattle Tales’ didn’t Do well as compared to previous Ones. As a result, the Rapper is Disappointed the most. But he’s never going to lose hopes and would come up with a Much better Album. Moreover, the Rapper was spotted Giving away his Album CDs To the strangers in a particular locality. He was seen forcing people to take his album for free. Further, many responded positively and grabbed the Album, Followed by a selfie with Tekashi.
wwwww11Furthermore, in a recent video, he is spotted Tearing out all the posters attached on walls of his Album ‘Tattle Tales Aggressively. He posted the video with the caption, “My Mom Still Thinks Im A Winner.” At the same time, her Girlfriend was seen Comfortimg him during a hard time.

No DSP’s Helping 6ix9ine

6ix9ine Is Disappointed
source: XXL mag

The day after Rapper released his Album ‘Tattle Tales’ On his Youtube Channel, he mentioned that none of the DSPs is ready to release his new album. At the same time, he posted an Instagram IGTV Video citing His Problems. He said that it was supposed to be a good day for him, but it’s worse. As no DSP’s are ready to release his song Sitting in a car. He posted the video with the caption, “GIVE US A FAIR FIGHT IM ABOUT TO CRY IN THE CAR FOREAL.”

6ix9ine’s New Look

6ix9ine Is Disappointed
source: PitchFork

After the release of his recent album, the Rapper is highly disappointed as he didn’t perform well for his fans and admirers. As a result, he posted a video addressing his fans and followers on the same. For the Very First Time, Tekashi 6ix9ine was seen in an ordinary man’s look. He has shaved his beard and coloured his hair back to black.

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