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6ix9ine New Album “TattleTales” Sales Are 100k Below Expectations

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6ix9ine New Album "TattleTales" Sales Are 100k Below Expectations
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6ix9ine New Album “TattleTales” Sales Are 100k Below Expectations!: 6ix9ine’s recent album TattleTales was speculated to sell more than 150,000 units in 1st week. However, the numbers aren’t as high as the expectations. Unfortunately, it has dropped way down the predictions. Supposedly, the reason is to be the ineligibility of the bundles.

People’s Reaction To 6ix9ine New Album

Now, the album may sell approx 50k. It is 100k less than initial expectations. 6ix9ine promoted his new album a lot, and this could be not very pleasant for him. His album caught the attention of many people, including Lil Durk, Blueface, Lil Tjay, etc.

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Billboard Has Changed The Previous Rules

Billboard decided in July artists using singles. Also, albums along with concert tickets/merch won’t have an entry in the Billboard 200 or Hot 100. Single albums with digital downloads and physical albums will not get sold. So, physical albums won’t be the artist’s official tally.

There is an exception for shipped items. Billboard has also specified 6ix9ine as a singer who used to benefit from it. It claims that he has progressed in the artist’s chart position because of previous rules.

It seems that 6ix9ine tried this trick again in his recent album. He wanted to keep a digital download with a physical copy. The shipping was supposed to start in approx three weeks. Let us see how his album manages to perform. Indeed, it will be transparent within a few days.

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