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6ix9ine Suffering From A Critical Health Condition! Remains Hospitalized!

Is 6ix9ine Still Consuming Drugs?
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6ix9ine Suffering From A Critical Health Condition! Remains Hospitalized!: The American rapper 6ix9ine is worldwide known for his rapping skills and the style he carries. However, since past few weeks, the Rapper isnt Doing Well. After his release from Jail due to covid-19 Tekashi put on weight and is in serious health condition due to same. As a result, the rapper was admitted to hospital days back and is recovering every day. Well! There’s more to his story. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the same.

6ix9ine In Critical Condition

6ix9ine In Critical Condition
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Tekashi 6ix9ine is suffering from severe health conditions. However, the suffering is due to overdosing of diet Pills. If you’re unaware, let me inform you that Tekashi was put behind bars a few months back. As due to Covid-19 Sitiatioj the rapper is out on a bail basis. Moreover, being Indoors didn’t help me recover from any of his health conditions and have made the situation worse. The Rapper-singer duo gained weight during the Coronaviris time. As a result, he started consuming Diet pills as it was an easy job for him. He says that he has almost lost 25lbs till date and won’t stop until he reaches the target of 150lbs.

The Medication

As a prescription by the doctor, the rapper was prescribed to take one dose of Hydroxycut pill. At the same time, Tekashi took two tablets of Hydroxycut that day. Besides, he consumed caffeine on that which made him sense nausea and unconsciousness. However, he was taken straight to the hospital after that. Later he was shifted to the Emergency ward to avoid unwanted Emergencies.

Is 6ix9ine Still Consuming Drugs?

Is 6ix9ine Still Consuming Drugs?
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Tekashi is a drug addict and consumes it regularly. However, the rapper has put control over his habits. The doctors strictly prohibited the consumption of Drugs as Takeshi was already on a diet pill. Furthermore, the star says that he is getting over his addictions and will surely quit it soon. He is recovering day today and will be quickly discharged from the hospital.

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