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9 New Features That Zoom Users Are Set To Get !


When the whole world is at home, everyone works from home. The classes are online, and the meetings are online. There is no other popular app than Zoom for our survival. This app is a household name now. Accept it, we all use this app either for conference meeting or for video class or video gathering with friends and family.

For the privacy and security concerns arising through past months, this app faced criticism. But it’s not going to lose its grip on the online market. This app is introducing new nine features to erase all the customer’s concerns and to take back its position.

The security and policy upgrades in Zoom.

The newly introducing nine features are –

Security Level Increased For Online Meeting: Zoom posted on its official blog that they are making the app for security for the customers. The app is upgraded to the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard, which will make user’s meeting data confidential and more secure.

New Icons: The security features of the app previously available throughout the meeting menus, but now it will be grouped in a single security icon.

Complex Passwords: The account admins, administered accounts can choose the complexity of the password. Which will make the platform more secure. Also, the password for cloud recordings are more complex and set by default now.

Replacing Share Menu: The ID sharing menu and meeting ID options are moved to the Participants menu from the main Zoom interface. This will prevent accidentally sharing the meeting ID.

Creating Link: The organization will have the option to link multiple accounts and contacts. This will make meetings easy and secure.

The video conferencing experience through zoom.

Zoom: New Features

Waiting Room: This feature gives the host the power to keep a participant in the virtual waiting room before any meeting or class. This feature is default now for education, Basic and single licensed Pro accounts.

Manage Chat: Now, the users an option to control the notification of chat whether to show it or not on the screen.

New Dashboard Feature: The admins of the accounts can check and view how the meeting is connecting and the Zoom data centres to Dashboard.

Report Option: Zoom introduces the feature to report ‘unwanted’ users. Also, the host can prevent the participants from renaming them.

All the new features will be updated in one week. After the update, Zoom may erase the user’s security concerns.

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