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A 3 year old girl tragically dies in a roasting car and her 1 year old baby sister, in a critical condition.

A very tragic and heartbreaking incident took place. It will surely upset anyone. A little girl, three years old, died inside a roasting car in the scorching heat while her mother was taking a nap. She was found alongside her little sister, Olivia. The mother had just woken from an afternoon nap, only to realize her little kids were missing. Reports say, the elder sister, Laykn Petchenik along with her sister, Olivia, was found unconscious. Sadly, Laykn Petchenik died tragically after climbing into a hot car. The temperature was said to be really high. Her little sister, Olivia, has been hospitalized and is in a very critical condition.

Mum is frantically searching for her kids.

Source: Metro

Kaylee Petchenik, the mother of both the kids, had been taking an afternoon nap before waking up to realize her daughters were missing. She then was quick to respond. The 21-year-old mother immediately called the Arkansas State Police to report her kids were missing. Kaylee’s neighbour, Mathew Wood informed 5 News how the mother had been frantically searching for her kids. She also approached him in search of her kids.

The police investigation.

Source: Metro

After being reported by Kaylee, the police arrived to discover the poor little girls all unconscious. They were both found in the back of the car. Both of them were then rushed to the hospital. However, sadly, by the time they reached the hospital, little Laykn could not survive, but her little sister, Olivia, is still fighting for her life. Then the body of the little Laykn was taken to Arkansas state Crime Laboratory for an autopsy. Meanwhile, Olivia is currently in a real critical condition, admitted at Little Rock. She is bravely fighting for her life. Let’s pray; she wins the battle. In the middle of this hustle, let’s hope for a ray of light.

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