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A 4 Year Old Dies After Being Raped And Beaten By A 27 Year Old

A four year old girl dies after being raped
Source: Daily Mail

A 4-Year-Old Dies After Being Raped And Beaten By A 27-Year-Old:Β The world is a cruel place that we don’t deserve. Amid the global pandemic, some are fighting to keep their kids safe from sexual predators.

On 4th July, a 4-year-old Salome Segura Vega lost her life to rape. The alleged culprit, Sebastian Mieles Betin raped and beat her till she went into a coma.

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Let unveil the details of this brutal crime.

A 4-Year-Old Dies After Being Raped And Beaten By A 27-Year-Old

It is no secret that there are ‘sick’ paedophiles and rapists all over the world. Over the years, we’ve seen men (or women in some cases) raping a child, and even an old woman.

But, this atrocity needs to stop! To rape a 4-year-old is disgusting but, to beat her into a coma is even sicker. On 29th June, while playing with other children, Salome disappeared around 8:30 pm.

4 year old gets raped by a 27 year old
Source: The Sun

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Her parents got worried and started looking for her with their neighbours. Initially, they found one of her sandals. Soon, they saw a mobile phone and followed its trail leading up to the woods. They found an unconscious and semi-naked Salome in the woods, on the banks of a gorge.

Nearly Lynched

After they found Salome, her parents took her to a hospital where she was in a coma. The brave girl fought for over four days. Salome died of “refractory intracranial hypertension,” problems in her organs, brain trauma and several other injuries.

Sebastian Mieles Betin caught
Source: The Mirror

Before Betin got caught, locals almost killed him for raping Salome. Locals were outraged after they found Betin very close to where they found Salome.

Sebastian Mieles Betin worked for Salome’s parents, and he got charged with sexual abuse and homicide.

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Sebastian Mieles Betin Denies Allegations

After Sebastian got caught, he denied raping the victim. Sebastian says that he would never do this as he has a daughter of the same age. However, the officials found Betin a few meters away, and if he didn’t rape her, what was he doing there?

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What happened with Salome was disgusting and shameful. It’s just been seven months of 2020, and Huila has seen over 190 rape cases. We hope her family recovers from this great loss and the culprit is severely punished.

Rest in Peace, Salome Segura Vega, you were a fighter.

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