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A BLM Leaders Had To Take Matters In Her Own Hand When No Cop Came To Help Her Even After Her Numerous Plea

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A BLM Leaders Had To Take Matters In Her Hand When No Cop Came To Help Her Even After Her Numerous Plea: In California, Tatiana Turner, a black lives matters protestors, is charged with attempted murder.

During the “Caravan for Justice” protest organized by Tatiana in Yorba Linda Saturday, she was surrounded by a hostile group of counter-protesters.

Tatiana tried calling 911 and even requested to the cops on duty at the scene to help her. But unfortunately, all her pleas were ignored. She confessed to only hitting the gas after police ignored her pleas for help.

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Her attorney, Ludlow Creary II, told the Associated Press, how Tatiana’s plea was ignored and only then she “got the runaround.”

As she drove through the crowd of Trump supporters, she left a man and woman hospitalized with injuries. This whole incident was on camera.

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Creary said, “Sheriff’s duties on the scene didn’t do anything, and the crowd of Trump supporters grew. It’s essentially was a hostile environment.”

Creary insisted, “She wasn’t trying to hit anybody. She wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.”

A spokesperson Carrie Braun said:

“It did not appear from the video we’ve been able to see that there was a direct threat. I wasn’t there and wasn’t sitting in the vehicle. I don’t want to say what she could would or should have done. Any time an incident like this occurs, it’s tragic for everybody involved.”

The Sheriff’s department added to this saying the deputies did not think Turner was in any danger.

Whatever be the truth, Turner is now being held on $1 million bails on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Tatiana’s first court appearance is later on Tuesday in Orange County Superior Court.

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