A Glimpse Of Ellie Life In The Last Of Us Part 2

Last Of Us Part 2

The Playstation Europe released an official video presentation for the “Last of Us” part 2 on YouTube. And fans are already going gaga over it. The video tells us everything we need to know about the game. It also gave us a tiny glimpse of the world of terror in the game. From the video, we can say the game will be nothing like the previous version.

The main idea of the upcoming game is not to play with the concept of safety. The game is designed to affect one’s survival in every step. “There is something lethal around every corner. Once you venture out of your home, you are in danger”.

A Glimpse Of Ellie Life In The Last Of Us Part 2

Last Of Us Part 2: Ellie Into The Known World

From the video, we can say that Ellie is not safe anywhere in that world. Every step into the world leads her to an unknown danger. This will make the game a lot more exciting. Along with it, players will be more creative about the next step. There will more than one option to handle a situation, and the game will surely test the players.

However, the gameplay and the level will be designed by the players themselves. Every choice that the player made takes Ellie to a different situation. Every time it will have different outcomes in the game. Kurt Margenau said, “I would say that the world in every sense of the world is bigger.”

A Glimpse Of Ellie Life In The Last Of Us Part 2
A Glimpse Of Ellie Life In The Last Of Us Part 2

Representation Of The World

The idea of the world is showing a stable home after a chaotic civilization. “We wanted to make it feel like a very close-knit kind of community focused on the family.” Developers put a lot of effort to make a true world. It will have to sides representing chaos and stability i.e., outside the town and inside the town. The town itself takes a stake over losing a fight describing “a life of peace and comfort.”

The developers will give a final plot twist in the game, and then the game will release. This game will be full of surprises and plot twists. So, players can expect an unforeseen ending in the game.

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