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A Prisoner Attacked Robert Kelly While He Was Sleeping!!

R.Kelly hit by A fellow Prisoner
R.Kelly hit by A fellow Prisoner

A Prisoner Attacked Robert Kelly While He Was Sleeping!!: Robert Sylvester Kelly was put behind bars in august On February 22, 2019, following the case of Sexual Abuse. A fellow prisoner hit him with a pen. The fellow prisoner entered the Roberts cell and hit him with a pen. As a result, the harm caused was not immense but painful. Let us move forward with the topic and learn more about the case and the person who hit Kelly.

Who Is Robert Sylvester Kelly?

R.Kelly hit by A fellow Prisoner
R.Kelly in the frame

R.Kelly is a Hollywood Actor, Dancer, Rapper and a Songwriter. Moreover, Kelly is a BasketBall player too. But his career in BasketBall only lasted for two years (1997-1998). His fans have given him many nicknames. To name few, they are King of R&B” and the “Pied Piper of R&B.” The pop-star has been put behind bars by law. Kelly is indeed the famous popular pop-star and the only successful R&B male artist.

Controversies And Charges Put On R.Kelly

R.Kelly hit by A fellow Prisoner
R.Kelly while being convicted

Kelly has been dragged into many controversies and was found guilty for the same. When he was 27 years old, he got married to a minor girl named Tiffany Hawkins, age 15. Later the girl filed a case against the star saying “she was minor When she signed the marriage papers.” However, they settled the issue by giving $250,000 to Tiffany Hawking, against the allegation. The artist was also found guilty of child pornography and abuse. He tried to have sex with other minor girls, including Tiffany Hawkins.

Moreover, a video was presented, showing Kelly urinating on girls and abusing them. Furthermore, he stands charged with the allegation of sex cult by parents of three minor girls. Sylvester continues to be in jail for sexual abuse of a minor.

R.Kelly Hit By A fellow Prisoner.

R.Kelly hit by A fellow Prisoner
R.Kelly crying

Pop-Star Kelly was hit by a prisoner last month. The person who hit Kelly recognises as Jeremiah Shane Farmer. He moved in the jail cell where the police officer kept Kelly. Kelly is at Metropolitan Correctional Center. Kelly was sleeping when the incident took place. When Jeremiah found Kelly sleeping, he started hitting his head with the pen.

Kelly’s Lawyer Over The Incident

R.Kelly hit by A fellow Prisoner
Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s Lawyer

Steve Greenberg lawyer of Kelly says, Farmer crept into the cell and began “stomping on [Kelly’s] head, repeatedly.” He further added, “Farmer also allegedly had an ink pen with him that he was going to use to stab Mr.Kelly.” He demanded the protection of Kelly from the officials right after the incident. As a result, Kelly is moved to solitary confinement and is safe now.

Jeremiah Shane Farmer Defends Himself

R.Kelly hit by A fellow Prisoner
Jeremiah in the frame

Farmer is the member of Gang Latin Kings. He was behind bars for knocking two men to grave with a hammer. He defends himself by saying “the government made me attack Kelly.”

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