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A Rumor That A Spike In Take-Two’s Marketing Budget Meant A 2024 Fiscal Year Release For Grand Theft Auto 6 Has Been Squashed By Experts!

Grand Theft Auto 6
Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6: About The Game

Grand Theft Auto 6Β is one of the best games which Rockstar has ever brought to the market. The new version of Miami is still to be revealed, and there were last rumors of that particular release too.

Grand Theft Auto

Personally, I have been a huge fan of GTA, too, and I think most of us loved it. It’s such a free open-world game that I just completed the missions by the shores of Vice City. San Andreas was good too, and I think the train missions were my thing. What was yours?

The GTA 5 really set up all the bars of expectations for the game, and there’s no going back now. The roleplay was just released for free this month, and I personally have gone mad too. I can now interact with people all over the world for free and process my own weed to sell! All the illegal things are now fun.

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Is GTA 6 On Its Way?

Grand Theft Auto 6

Yes, GTA 6 is on its way through. There is absolutely no complete information available on it. Before the insider information was given, we were sure that something was up, and a new version is to be here by 2021. But that’s too early, don’t you think so?

The game will surely happen, but it will probably be here by 2023. I think seven years from the last game is a lot of time, but then again, a game’s development takes a lot of effort and time. With the pandemic, that too is very questionable.

The New Details And Leaks

We still don’t know anything for sure, but we know for a fact that GTA6 will be something amazing. It’s actually one of the best selling ones after Minecraft, all over the world.

On the other hand, Take-Two has also promised a sequel that is from the biggest franchise in spite of still holding NBA 2, etc. What do you think of this?

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