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A SINGLE EMAIL SAVED a news reporter, Victoria Price from the trap of Cancer!

Victoria Price is a Florida based investigative journalist at WFLA News in Tampa Bay. She recently learned she has a tumour on her thyroid and all thanks to a faithful viewer! The whole story started when a viewer noticed a lump in the reporter’s neck. The viewer was quick to respond and immediately sent an email to Victoria about her concern. She informed that it reminded her of her own. Hers was cancer. Price was quick to notice and consulted a doctor immediately. She learned from doctors that a tumor is in the middle of her thyroid, pushing the glands up to and out.Β  This created subtle protrusion. She was informed by the doctors that are spreading. The viewer’s single email saved it from spreading further, which she said could have been a scary and humbling thought.

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Price confessed how hectic her schedule had been lately.

The viewer’s concern touched Victoria Price for her .” ‘ 8 on Your Side’ isn’t just a catchphrase at WFLA. But the roles reversed when I found a viewer on MY side, and I couldn’t be more grateful,” Price wrote in a statement. She also shared how things have been for her since the pandemic began. Victoria shared her journey as a journalist as she joined her colleagues in covering the novel coronavirus. The journalist has been so indulged into covering the remarkable health story that her health was the least she was worried about. This incident opened her eyes wide. Also, this probably made her little more conscious.

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The news reporter has to follow specific procedures, as informed by the doctors.

Victoria revealed that she would undergo surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from her neck. The tumor will be removed from her thyroid and also, some lymph nodes. She is forever thankful to the eagle-eyed viewer, who was quick to notice. Victoria praised her as her saviour. Price expressed she will forever be grateful to the woman, a total stranger, went out her way to email. Victoria explained that doctors are sure that this would be her first and last procedures, and she hopes for the best.



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