A Suitable Boy: Netflix Executive Booked For ’Kissing Scene’ In An Episode. What Was Wrong In The Scene?

Netflix official India has been booked over a scene in a show that has allegedly hurt the sentiments of the people. The play ‘A Suitable Boy’ was recently released on Netflix and got immense fame and love nationwide. However, it faced some consequences which aren’t as small as it seems. In the show, there’s a scene in which a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl kiss each other, and in the background, we can see a temple. According to the reports, it had hurt the sentiments of the people and hence, FIR against the show makers and Netflix official had been recently claimed. Check out everything you need to know.

The Viral Scene That Caused Chaos

On 23 November, a scene from an Indian series ‘A Suitable Boy’ went viral on the internet. Some people are still confused about what was so special about the location that is caused so much chaos. In the viral scene, we can se a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy kissing, and in the background of it, there’s a temple that’s seen. The scene has caused more chaos than anything this month after Madhya Pradesh home minter allegedly filed a case against the makers.

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According to the reports, the case was filed against two executives of Netflix for hurting religious sentiments. And more of all, having a temple in the background where the two most controversial religion’s people are making love. It is claimed to be promoting ‘Love Jihad’ which is against the Hindu religion. And was recently opposed in many states by different leaders from across the country.


The national secretary of BJYM Gaurav Tiwari, took to the Twitter to express his grief towards the situation. He tweeted that people who got hurt because of this scene deserves an apology from Netflix and the show makers. He claims that the scene was allegedly promoting ‘Love Jihad’ where a Hindu girl falls in love with a Muslim boy and is asked to be converted in their religion.

The Campaign To Boycott Netflix

And if you think that was all, then you are wrong. This got messed by when people came forward and asked everyone to uninstall Netflix. And started a campaign #boycottnetflix. The campaign received a lot of attention where people started uninstalling the app and started putting the proof of it on the internet. The Indian panel code that handles the OTT platforms are even against to consider the whole scenario.


However, no response has come out from the Netflix executive yet. But we can expect it to put an apology letter any time soon for hurting religious sentiments. Rewa superintendent of police Rakesh Kumar Singh even told that the case had been registered and further investigations are done.


Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite celebrity and TV show. What do you think about that chaos that has been created over a kissing scene in a show? Do you think it was necessary?

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