A TikTok Video Of A White Women Pulling Gun At A Group Of Black Girls Goes Viral!

A TikToker recorded a crazy video from the mall where a white woman pulled a gun at a group of black girls. The crazy incident caught the attention of thousands of people all over social media platforms. The video showed that the white woman was angry and was arguing with the group of black girls and a suddenly pulled gun at them.  Check out everything you need to know about it.


A crazy incident was recorded from the Vancouver mall in Washington. Where a white woman was seen outside the Lids hat store. In the video, she is seen suddenly pulling a gun out at a group of black girls. It all started with an argument for which the reason is still unknown. A crowd gathered after the woman pulled outa gun. However, a weird thing was noticed and recorded, where a person Unbothered Lee passes by the white woman who has pulled out the gun.

The Viral Video

Both sides appeared very angry in the video. Reports also predict that the reason for the situation can be racial differences. This is not the first incident in America based on racial differences. Several incidents every few days take place there. Where people are killed, stabbed, and attacked just because they are nonwhite. Moreover, the usage of illegal weapons by commoners have increased a lot throughout the years. And that is one major reason for the crimes happening there.

Picture via google images

The person who uploaded the video on Tiktok captioned it saying that a white woman pulled out a gun at a group of black girls. Moreover he said that a white man passes by unbothered. Soon after the video was uploaded on the platform it went viral all over. It caught attention of thousands of people from all over the world. And it was criticised badly as it was clearly seen that the woman illegally pulls out a gun due to racial differences. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show, celebrity and US local news.

By Aradhana

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