Aashram Season 3: Release Date, Storyline, Plot, Cast And More.

Aashram Season 2, has recently hit the screen on MX Player. And fans are already in love with it. However, viewers are so excited for the 3rd season that they can’t resist waiting for it. So here we are with details about the amazing mysterious series. The first part of the series was released in August and less than 5 days it crossed over 100 million. And the demand for the next season was higher than ever this year. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Aashram Season 1 and 2 have got a lot of love and gave from people throughout the country. The maker of the series Prakash Jha has even claimed that the series performed well. Better than expected. It even got an amazing rating. IMBD rated the show 7.8/10. However, Google rated it as 4.4/5, NDTV rated it as 3/5. Whereas Times Of India rated it as 3.5/5. The ratings are pretty great and proof of how amazing this mysterious show is. According to the reports, the 3rd season of Aashram will come back with a greater hit this time.

Release Date Of Season 3

Talking about the release of the third season. No official data or information had come up by either the maker if the show or MX player. However, we can expect it to hit the screen by the start of next year. Chapter 1 and 2 of the 2nd season was recently released on 11 November. Followed by the other episodes that will be released in the coming week.

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The first season was released in August of this year and the second season hit the screen after just 2 months. And hence we can expect the next season to be released in a few months as well. However, delays can be expected since all the shoot and work are kept on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But better late than never right?


The amazing characters of the show mainly Bobby Deol has made the show reach another level of heights. The 2nd season starts with a cliff that reveals that the production team will be expanding its team for further. The show is basically about a baba who everyone in the district trusts and respects and thinks of him as a great person. However, things aren’t as it looks, as the baba isn’t the same as people thinks. He intentionally harms people for his benefits and his ill actions hurt a lot of people. However, his reality is not known to the world.

More Deatils

Aashram is one of the most original OTT platforms web series. It has now gotten international gave and love. With over a billion people watching it. And hence all people care about right now is the release of season 3. And hence it is worthy enough for the MX Player to stream this amazing series. The show takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions and that is what fans love about it. The storyline of the show is very much relatable as we have seen such cases in real life in our country.


Stay tuned for more such details about your favourite series and stars. What do you think about the 2nd season of Aashram?

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