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Absol Weakness In Pokeman Go-Best!!


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Absol Weakness In Pokeman Go-Best!!: Absolute weakness is very easy to find out in Pokemon GO.

Absol has been a beloved fan. His misunderstood nature produced a mysterious aura that drew in many players. Also, with the arrival of mega-evolution into Pokemon GO, trainers who have enthusiastically added Absol to their collection wondered when we’re going to see the mega-evolution in-game of Absol.

Pokemon Go-Absol

Absol is a pure dark-like type and has a 2526 CP ceiling, 246 attack rating, 120 defence and 163 stamina. The highest cumulative impact point is 140. Luckily, that means it’s relatively easy to tackle.

Pokemon like Absol are most vulnerable to forms of bug, fairy, and war. Lucario, Machamp, Conkeldurr, and Breloom are the main counters. With a moveset of “Attack” and “Aura Sphere” Lucario is most useful while the rest do better with “Attack” and “Dynamic Punch.”

Additionally, trainers could use more new Pokemon like Sirfetch’d with “Counter” and “Close Combat” or Volcarona.

Absol was first released on 8 Dec. 2017 with the other Hoenn Pokemon. Often known as the “Disaster Pokemon,” Absol had been notorious for heralding disasters. An Absol ‘s observation generally meant something unpleasant was about to happen. Its PokeDex is 359.

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