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According To Rumours From Industry Insiders, Atlus Is Teasing The Reveal Of Persona 6 At New Game Plus Expo On June 23, 2020

Atlus Persona 6
Atlus Persona 6

Atlus Persona 6:- The History

Atlus Persona 6: The Persona series is one of the most famous game series of all time. The game is trendy and loved. The Persona game series first released in the mid-1990s. First on the PlayStation 1 and later on the PlayStation Portable(PSP). The game is one of the wells received amongst the Japanese community.

About Atlus.


Atlus is the leading game developer in Japan and faces competition from its main rival ‘Eighting’, which like Atlus, is also a Japanese based game developer. The most recent game in the Persona series is the ‘Persona 5 Royal‘, which is the best selling Persona game of all. It was a massive hit, and the game was in high demand all across Europe as well. It released on 31st October 2019. Persona’s latest game is the ‘Persona 5 Scramble’ which got released on 20th February 2020

What about the rumors of ‘Persona 6’

Atlus Persona 6
Atlus Persona 6

There have been apparent rumors about the teaser release of ‘Persona 6’ in the upcoming ‘New Game Plus Expo(NGPX), which is a showcase of the latest games and demos of gameplays of various latest upcoming video games. The world’s largest Gaming and Entertainment Expo E3 canceled due to the ongoing pandemic; all eyes are gonna be on NGPX and Atlus.

There is a possibility of Persona 6 teased in the upcoming NGPX, which is to held on 23rd June 2020. But the possibility of this turning into reality is doubtful. SMT 5 is another of the popular games produced by Atlus, which is already in development. It is unorthodox for the company to take up another project in the face of Persona 6. With the most recent hit of their Persona 5 Royal, it would be too soon to tease a new addition to their Persona series which in turn may affect sales of both Persona 5 Royal and the rumored Persona 6

So, what to expect in the upcoming NGPX from Atlus?

Only Atlus has the answer to that. The teaser of Persona 6 being revealed on the 23rd of next month is a mystery. If they do not announce the teaser of ‘Persona 6’, they may release the Persona 5 Scramble. Persona 6 is only available in Japan currently. The game would get mixed reviews if teased. Only time will tell.

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