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ACLU Accuses The Minneapolis Police Department And Minnesota State Patrol Of Shooting Journalists In The Face!

The Journalists Were Targeted

There was a rule incident of the police department of Minneapolis firing the normal people and also some of the journalists. We know that the entire City broke out in peaceful protests as well as harmful riots.

These protests were meant to show disagreement and anger over the death of George. We all realize that this man was not supposed to die, and he did not deserve it.

The journalists who were making videos and interviewing people were also targeted by the police. To be clear, it is the job of the journalists to do these, and the police cannot obstruct them.

Police Shooting People
Police Shooting People

Being a free country, they have the advantage of having you stanols and social media to make and post videos. The Minneapolis police department has tried to deny this and to cover a lot of things.

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The Minneapolis Police Department

Since the incident of police brutality took place in Minneapolis it looks like the entire City is just turning into a similar situation. The police department is not taking responsibility for any harm which the crops have caused to the normal teenagers’ protestors and journalists. W

We had no idea that 2020 is going to be this bad, and Justice will not be served. I think the protesters have a very valid reason to show their disagreement, and the police are proving the protester’s point.

Journalist Hurt
Journalist Hurt

Some Other Similar Incidents

Not just the journalist but also several normal people have come up with their incidents. They have come up with their anger over how the police miss heated then and shot at them with metal rubber covered bullets.

These bullets are not meant to be shot at people but on the ground to scare away a crowd. However, the police were not using these bullets to do what it was meant to and instead of injuring people who were protesting.

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