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Action To Be Taken Against The Double Voting In Georgia’s Elections!

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Action To Be Taken Against The Double Voting In Georgia’s Elections!: Georgia’s top election official said that 1000 people voted twice in the state’s June primary election and 150,000 voters who applied for absentee ballots also appeared in person at polling places on the day of elections. More than 2.2 million people seemed for voting.

He also stated that those who chose to be a part of the game are breaking the law, and they will not tolerate this. The number of votes exceeded even more than the statewide elections.

The Secretary’s office mailed 6.9 million voters to request an absentee ballot, and about 900,00 voters ordered one. Still, on the day of the election, 70,000 voters who issued an absentee were there in person to vote.

The Action

Georgia’s Secretary called Double Voting a ‘Serious Felony’ nothing that if convicted, voters who cast two ballots face a minimum sentence of one year in prison and a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, plus up to a $100,000 fine. But they are concerned that the voters who were trying to vote may get caught up.

Several people voted twice. They thought that their absentee ballot wasn’t counted. However, there is no punishment for voting intentionally under the state law.

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Trump Advises Double Voting

US President Donald Trump suggested people of North Carolina to vote twice to test the security of their election systems. He urged them to fill an absentee ballot and then go for voting in person, which is illegal.

The Board of elections in Carolina said only the first vote would get counted if the person has already voted in an absentee ballot. If they still go to vote on the election day will not be counted as the poll workers will know through the records that the person has already voted.

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