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Actors Like Jim Carrey, Mandy Moore And Others Come Together To Protest Against NBC Network After Airing Trump Town Hall

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Many actors, including Jim Carrey, are quite vocal about his political choices and their hatred towards President Donald Trump.Β 

Recently, NBC decided to air the Donald Trump town hall. They even dragged the air time to give Donald Trump the same time directly opposite Joe Biden‘s town hall.Β 

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This decision of NBC got the celebs angry, which made them use the #NBCBoycott hashtag.Β 

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Although NBC is currently paying a small portion of Jim Carrey’s paycheck, it didn’t stop the actor from urging the viewers not to watch the network. He tweeted, saying: “There is a black hole on @NBC tonight. Tune in to @ABC at 8 pm and watch a decent man deliver a safe way forward for this country. You can see the raging howler monkey-in-chief’s delusional and steroid-fueled fails later on YouTube and, of course, all-white supremacist website.”

Carrey’s raging anger and frustration made him call President Trump “raging howler money-in-chief.”

Similarly, many actors, including Debra Messing, who plays Grace onΒ Will and Grace, andΒ This is UsΒ star Mandy Moore didn’t hold back either. They urged fans to boycott NBC by tweeting and signing petitions.Β 

Other NBC stars like Chris Meloni, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, Mariska Hargitay, Keith Powell, and Shakina Nayfack signed the petition against their network.Β Β 

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