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Adele Makes A Fan Go Crazy By Personally Thanking Him For His Support !

Source: YouTube

Adele Fan Is Waiting Eagerly For Her New Album

Fans of Adele are eagerly waiting for something new from her. The last time she came out with her own album was in 2015. At that time she released β€˜25’ which was a huge hit. However, ever since that time, fans are just waiting to hear something new from the star. It is expected that she may come up with an album very soon. Since it’s been five years since her last album, a big fan of her made an Instagram story tagging her which said, β€œPlease release new music soon, we all miss you so much.”

Source: YouTube

Adele Responds To Fan’s Instagram Story

For any fan, it is a huge deal to get the attention of the star they admire. The fan who posted the story tagging Adele got a huge shock when she replied to his story. She was thrilled to find out that she has such diehard fans who are eagerly waiting for her music. Her reply read, β€œYour twitter account has entertained me all the way through COVID. You look like so much fun! I’m absolutely chuffed you like my music. Keep loving your life, it’s so lovely and infectious to see from every angle.”

Fan Posts Screenshot Of Reply From Adele After Freaking Out

The fan could not believe that someone like Adele took out the time to write a message to him. Like any fan who admires his star, he took a screenshot of the message from Adele and posted it on his Twitter account. With the picture, he wrote, β€œIM BAWLING MY EYES OUT.” Later he wrote, β€œAdele I hope it was okay I tweeted this I was just so excited I wanted to tell my friends!!!!” This shows the love and support people have for Adele.

Adele Has No Idea Regarding Her New Album

Adele once posted a picture on Instagram regarding a book recommendation. However, one fan asked her about when she will release her album. Looks like even Adele doesn’t have an answer to that as she said, β€œI honestly have no idea.”

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