Adult Swim: Ricky and Morty Butter Passer Robot Is A Real Product Now.


Adult Swim is one of the most famous and love anime series makers confirmed that they will be making real products of the butter passer robot in Rick and Morty. The robot was featured in the season 1, it was used to pass the butter. The robot impressed the can’t as much as the characters themselves did. And the makers used it as an opportunity to promote their robot product. Viewers seem to be very excited about the first-ever butter passer robot that has never been released before. Check out all the details about it now.


Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub! Do you also love Ricky and Morty? This exciting and interesting show has made a special place in people’s heart. As it not only entertains the viewers but manages to be hilarious at the same time. The creative team behind has confirmed that they will be making a real product robot. That we saw in Ricky and Morty. We saw the butter passer robot first in season one.

The Robot Butter Passer

According to the reports, Adult Swim recently partnered with Digital Dream Labs to develop a limited edition, to-scale replica of the tiny, breakfast-related machineΒ that is used by both Ricky and Morty to pass the butter in the season one. The makers and the creative team of the Adult Swin recently confirmed that they are partnering with the Digital Dream Labs. With which they will be introducing some limited products of the Robot breakfast machine.

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It even announces that the company allowed them to introduce a product that will be made in real-life as well. The creative team recently made a statement that this us a very important step for them as this will enable the fans to connect with the characters of Adult swim even more. It is not only innovative but a better way for the audience to connect with the series as well.


DrΒ Jacob Hanchar, co-founder and CEO of Digital Dream Labs in his recent interview claimed that they have been a huge fan of Ricky and Morty for a very long time. And now that they have git an opportunity to make a product in real life that was used in season one is just beyond crazy for them. Jacob even made a statement that they are eager to release the product by next year. And more than anything they are just glad to be collaborating with this amazing anime show.

About The Product

The Adult Swim, butter passer is a fully digital robot. That will not just pass you butter but many other foodstuffs that you may require. The device or the robot can be kept on the breakfast table and it is an automatic set up machine that will bring you all the food that you ask it to. It’s a self-aware product that works based on your commands. However, the sad thing is, the digital dream lab will be producing limited products. And hence not everybody will be lucky enough to experience this amazing machine on their breakfast table.


Thanks to Ricky and Morty. Viewers have not just loved and appreciated the charters but also the famous butter passer robot. Stay tuned with us for more such updates about your favourite show.


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