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After Big Instagram Mishap, Chris Evans Gets Trolled By Mark Ruffalo!

Chris Evans Mark Ruffalo
Source: Sault Stars

Chris Evans Shares A Dick Pic On His Story

Captain America should learn first to save himself before he goes around, saving America. Things went wrong for Chris, who never imagined a mishap like this would happen with him. He shared a video on Instagram story playing Heads Up with friends or family.

Soon from playing Heads Up his, the video showed his camera gallery. Along with many photos, one pic truly stood out. One picture had a close capture of a dick, and people are assuming it was of Chris. However, what was a sweet game of Head Up is giving Chris a headache now.

Chris Evans Mark Ruffalo
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Chris Evans Removes Instagram Story

For those who straightaway went to Chris’ Instagram profile to check the story, you are out of luck. Like a sensible person, Chris removed the information as soon as he discovered that he had made an awful mistake. However, it was too late as, in the end, he is a celebrity.

One second is enough for thousands of people to see his story. His Instagram story went viral, and everyone from his fans to the media started covering this viral story. Chris might be angry at himself for being a celebrity at the moment.

Mark Ruffalo Trolls Chris Evans For His Instagram Story

Mark Ruffalo is the co-star of Chris from Avengers. While Chris was Captain America, Mark played the role of Hulk. When things started turning upside down for Chris, Mark took this moment as an opportunity to troll his co-star. However, it was also a kind of post where he is trying to support Chris. He tweeted:

β€œBro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining.”

Either Mark is that friend which everyone should have or the opposite of that.

Chris Evans Mark Ruffalo
Source: Sault Stars

Even As Mark Ruffalo Speaks, Chris Evans Keeps His Mouth Shut

Mark Ruffalo spoke up about the incident trying to turn it down with a joke. However, Chris is too embarrassed at the moment to speak anything. He knows there is no defense on his side to cover up for the incident. However, it will be interesting to note if he will speak up or act as nothing happened at all.

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