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After Breonna Taylor’s Case Decision, Check Out BLM Louisville Issues New And Revised Demands

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After Breonna Taylor’s Case Decision, Check Out BLM Louisville Issues New And Revised Demands: Attorney General Daniel Cameron‘s announcement says no officers would be charged for killing Breonna Taylor. In reaction to that, Black Lives Matter Louisville and partner groups have released a new set of demands.Β 

A Black Lives Matter affiliate, and a member of Louisville Black Social Workers, Shawnte West, said, “We have momentum now, and we want to build upon that while the eyes of the world are on Louisville.”

There are numerous demands issued after Taylor’s death by the Black Lives Matters supporters.Β 

Last Wednesday, in a Facebook live panel, a BLM Louisville partner Shauntrice Martin said, “We’re all angry. We’re all dissatisfied with what has happened. And, we need to have actions, but we need to have actions that get us to the end goal.”

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There revise demands includes immediately fire the officers who murdered Breonna and revoke their pension. Mayor Greg Fisher should immediately resign or impeached.

Their next demand was to divest from LMPD and invest in community building.Β 

Black Lives Matter Louisville urged followers to share there demands widely as much as possible.Β 

Everything including the Queer Kentucky; Root Cause Research Centre; Party for Socialism and Liberation Kentucky; Louisville’s Black Social Workers; Change Today, Change Tomorrow; The Black Market KY; Simmons College; and ACLU Kentucky are supporting and promoting these demands.

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