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After COVID-19 Pandemic, Another Chinese Virus Cat Que Can Be A Threat

After COVID-19 Pandemic, Another Chinese Virus Cat Que Can Be A Threat
Source: Times Of India

The world is still suffering from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many people believe that the SARS- COV-2 virus came from a Chinese lab. Now, reports suggest that a new virus, “Cat Que” can further cause problems.

Antibodies Linked Against Cat Que Virus Were Reported In 2 People

Scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) were distressed after testing 883 samples. Antibodies were found in 2 of them. The antibodies were linked to the Cat Que Virus. It proves that those two people were infected by it at some point.

However, this a neglected tropical virus. Still, more samples are required to know more about this virus.

Cat Que Virus Can Infect Humans As Well As Animals

The new Cat Que Virus is said to infect humans as well as animals such as pigs and mosquitoes. The virus also has symptoms like high fever, meningitis, paediatric encephalitis. It was found in districts of China and Vietnam.

Cat Que Virus is transmitted by arthropod vectors, also known as arbovirus. Experts claim that there are around 130 varieties of arboviruses which have the potential to infect humans. They further reveal that the severity of the symptoms varies from human to human. It could show mild flu-like symptoms and also severe ones.

The Mysterious Virus Can Spread Through Infected Insects And Mosquito Bites

This virus usually spreads in mammals and poultry. However, humans can contract the virus from infected mosquitoes and insects. It happens when the infected mosquito or an insect bites a human being.

Along with this, arboviruses could also spread from a blood transfusion, transplant, sexual contact, pregnancy and giving birth. ICMR, India, says that mosquito breeds like aegypti, Cx quinquefasciatus and Cx Tritaeniorhynchus are more vulnerable to the virus. They can transmit this virus quickly.

All the findings from this test were also issued in the Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR).

Scientists said that the small traces of antibodies found in mammals like swine, a wild myna bird, and mosquitoes suggest that the virus has the potential to spread and create a health crisis. We could say this by having a look at the ongoing COVID_19 pandemic.

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