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After Giving The Worst Performance Trevor Lawrence Losses Heisman Trophy

This is sad news for Trevor Lawrence fans. We say this because the Heisman trophy winner is having his worst matches recently. And that has shocked the fans in a terrible way. However, Trevor will again be performing this Saturday against Syracuse Orange. After winning so many matches at different levels. Losing the game is probably the worst thing for Trevor and his fans right now. Check out everything you need to know about it now.

Trevor’s Worst Match Ever Got Him In Trouble

For those of you who don’t know Trevor is a very famous American footballer who is playing for Clemson Tigers for several years now. The iconic superstar and footballer attended and played football for Cartersville High School in Georgia. There he was considered to be the best footballer of his school and the entire city. He got immense fame is the first few national-level matches. However, it seems like he is having a tough time right now. Since he lost a game that people expected him to win. And it looks like not a lot of people are confident in him for his next match.

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The iconic footballer is considered to be the favourite for the award through the first month and a half of the season. However, he recently played his worst match ever and is facing extreme difficultly finding his accuracy in the game.

Did He Just Lost The Heisman Trophy?

Lawrence, despite his worst match, scored 27-of-43 passing attempts (62.7 per cent) for 289 yards and two touchdowns, as well as one interception. But he was not at all appreciate like he usually is this time. Since fans expected way more than he did, he has played a dozen times on Sports Center and has proven himself and be an award-worthy performer. However, like the fans, we are confused to understand what went wrong.


But what’s the worst thing here that is concerning everyone is the fact that he might just be removed from the award-worthy list. Yes, he did give one of the worth matches we could ever see. But which legend or the superstar has not? Many fans are upset about it and claim that he doesn’t deserve what he is getting due to just one bad match. There are. However, many games coming where the 21-year-old will prove himself. But talking away something for which he has worked so hard is just not right.

Some Responses

Son after the news was released. It freezes the internet. Fans and other celebrities could not believe their eyes. However, we could see a variety of reactions on Twitter and Instagram. With the majority of people in Lawrence support. And some of them against it. However, right the thing people are most concerned about is Saturday’s match against Orange.


Fans can’t wait to see the two famous footballers in the filed against each other. According to the reports, he lost his last match with Orange. However, there wasn’t any confirm news about it so let’s hope that he just not lost the Heisman Trophy. Else it would just break everyone’s heart.


He was talking about how Lawerance reacted. He didn’t respond on it yet. Lawrence has not said about the situation anywhere on social media. However, fans are waiting for him to respond. What do you think about the whole situation going on?


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