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After Life Season 3: Who Is Not Going To Return In This Season?

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After Life is a British comedy-drama web TV series. Ricky Gervais created, produced, directed, and starred in it. The first season aired on Netflix in March 2019. And the second season aired on 24 April 2020. It is streaming now on Netflix.

The story revolves around a character named Tony Johnson living in a town Tambury. His life device when his wife Lisa died of breast cancer. He becomes depressed and suicidal but later he changed his mind. Then he decides to punish the world for his great loss and do whatever he wanted to.

After Life Season 3: Cancelled? Everything The Fan Should Know

After Life Season 3: Release Date

The production of the After Life Season 3 isn’t confirmed yet. But the second season has just arrived in April. Netflix examines the show for at least 4 to 6 weeks before confirming comeback. So, the confirmation may be announced around June.
If the show gets confirmation from Netflix then it may arrive in the middle of the next year. Following the pattern of the last seasons, the third season can be released in April 2021. but due to coronavirus pandemic, Netflix has cancelled many productions. So, we cannot say anything now.

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After Life Season 2: Flashback

In season 2, we saw Tony admitting his faults at the season finale. He delivered a poignant eulogy at his father’s funeral. Also, he expresses gratitude towards Emma publicly and accepts his life. He again tries to re-ignite romance with Emma but it all turned against his expectation. He faced a painful truth. After reaching home, he broke down. He watches Lisa’s videos and become emotionally devastated. Then he nearly swallows sleeping pills to get over his miserable life. But right then Emma arrives and said, ‘I’ll take Groundhog Day’.

After Life Season 3: Storyline

In this season, Tony will sort out his true feeling for Emma. He will decide if the feelings are genuine or it’s just for his emotional support. Does he love her or not? As for Emma, she will decide the future of her relationship with Tony. Whether she wants to be in a co-dependent relationship with Tony. As she wants Tony to lift him before their romance takes off.

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So, maybe season 3 will contain a new dimension of Tony’s character. That helps Tony to re-discover himself. Also, he may give Emma a new sort of Tony for their great romantic future.

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