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Ahead Of Elections, Donald Trump Gives Pardon To Alice Johnson After The Latter Praises Trump At RNC !

Alice Johnson
Source: Bloomberg

Donald Trump Gives Pardon To Alice Johnson

Donald Trump has granted pardon to Alice Johnson after she was convicted of possessing drugs. Trump himself made this move which many feel is to gain the sympathy of people before the election. Talking about this, he said, β€œWe’re giving Alice a full pardon. I just told her. It means you can do whatever you want in life. Just keep doing the great job you’re doing. Alice has done an incredible job since she’s been out and recommending other people” to grant clemency.

Alice and Trump
Source: ABC

What Is The Story Behind Alice Johnson And Donald Trump

More than two decades ago, Alice was convicted of money laundering and drug possession. She was found guilty of possession of cocaine. After getting convicted, she got a life sentence for her offense. Moreover, she was inside the jail for more than two decades before Donald Trump commuted her sentence in 2018. Kim Kardashian actively works around freeing people who she thinks have served more than what they deserve. She took an interest in this case and had a meeting with Donald Trump for expressing her concerns. Following this, Alice was set free on clemency.

Donald Trump’s Pardon Comes After Alice Johnson Praises Him In Convention

Alice Johnson got a chance to speak in the Republican convention that was concluded with Trump accepting the nomination from the Republican Party. Her speech was full of praises for the current President after which Trump decided to grant him pardon. She said in her speech to Republicans, β€œBut by the grace of God and the compassion of President Donald John Trump, I stand before you tonight. He saw me as a person. He had compassion. And he acted. Free in the body thanks to President Trump. But free in mind thanks to the almighty God.”

Alice Johnson’s Pardon Comes After Shooting On Jacob Blake

Donald Trump gave pardon to Alice Johnson who is a black woman. This move from Trump gave him a reply to counter that he is all for the Black Lives Matter. However, it happened around the time when police fired shots at black man Jacob Blake. Trump has kept a tight lip about that matter.

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