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Ahead Of Fight With Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. Remembers His Time As A Youth With Suicidal Thoughts!

Roy Jones Mike Tyson
Source: Essentially Sports

Roy Jones, Jr. Used To Have Suicidal Thoughts In His Youth Days

Roy Jones Jr. will go against Mike Tyson inside the ring on November 28. However, recently he revealed that he was not the same confident man he is now during his youth days. He went through some mentally trying times due to the pressure from his father. He said:

β€œYes, it’s true. It was because of the pressure from my father. I thought if I got to take this, I’m gonna be dead, but then I talked to God.”

Mike Tyson and Roy will fight each other for an exhibition charity match.

Roy Jones Mike Tyson
Source: Essentially Sports

Roy Jones, Jr. Explains How He Overcame His Mental Health Problems

From getting suicidal thoughts to turning into a fierce boxer, Roy turned his fortune. However, for that to happen, he had to turn his mindset altogether. He said:

β€œAnd I said, β€˜Well, if I’m doing it because this is how you want me to be, you want me to succeed at something, but it’s part of the process then I got to stay and keep up.’ Nothing wrong with my father’s parenting skills, because my father wanted to prepare me to be the best at what I do.”

Roy Jones, Jr. Is Confident About Winning Against Mike Tyson

Roy is not the favorite to win the fight against Mike. However, he is very confident about beating his rival. He feels he will win the bout and finds himself the favorite. He said:

β€œChances? I don’t have chances, I win. I ain’t winning, I ain’t going in there. What are his chances? I don’t have chances, I go for the win. You make one mistake, you’re out for the night. You still gotta be careful, just because you’re speedy and fast.”

Roy Jones Mike Tyson
Source: The Sun

Roy Jones, Jr. Needs To Be Careful From Getting Knocked Out ByΒ  Mike Tyson

Roy Jones understands that Mike has an aggressive attacking style where the opponent can get knocked out with the tiniest of mistake. He said:

β€œHe (Tyson) had an exhibition in 2003, knocked the guy out in the first round. So how are you gonna stop him from knocking somebody out? That’s all he knows.”

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