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Aimee Osbourne Reveals Why She Didn’t Join Family Reality Show The Osbournes


The eldest daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Aimee Osbourne never appeared on their family reality show The Osbournes. She has finally revealed why.

The oldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Aimee Osbourne has finally revealed that she did this protect her privacy.

The reality show had four seasons and ran on MTV from 2002 to 2005.

Although Aimee did not star in the show, her siblings Kelly and Jack did.

Because Aimee wanted to protect her privacy

Aimee Osbourne
Aimee Osbourne

Aimee, while talking to New York’s Q1043 Radio, said that she valued her privacy too much to appear on the show.

Aimee said that she grew up with a famous father anyway and wanted to give herself a chance to develop into a human being.

She said, β€œFor me, I had grown up around having a pretty well-known dad anyway… I always really valued my privacy within that family.”

She also said that participating in the show would not really line up with what I saw my future as”.

When Aimee Osbourne moved out

Aimee had left her home at the age of 16 so as to avoid filming the family reality show. Although Aimee herself was happy with her decision, her mother called it heartbreaking.

In 2018, Sharon Osbourne said, β€œMy eldest girl, AimΓ©e, left home at 16 and she couldn’t live in our house because we were filming and it drove her insane.”

Sharon further talked about the regret and heartbreak that Aimee’s moving out caused her.

β€œShe felt too that she didn’t want to grow up on the camera. She hated the idea; it was appalling to her. And so she left at 16, and I regret every day that she did… She was happy, but it broke my heart when she moved.”

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