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Alberto Del Rio A Former WWE Champion Counting His Days To Prison As Arrested On Sexual Assult Charges

Alberto Del Rio Charged For Assault

Alberto Del Rio A Former WWE Champion Counting His Days To Prison As Arrested On Sexual Assult Charges:Β World Heavyweight Champion and a former Champion Alberto Del Rio charged with sexual assault and on kidnapping charges. According to NBC affiliated News4AS, between May 3 to May 4 he allegedly beat up a female partner in an attack. On May 5 43-year-old Alberto got arrest, by the local authorities in San Antonio, Texas.

 Alberto Del Rio


The woman stated that he is slapping her several times and also sexually assaulted her by restraining her hands with boxing straps. She verified herself with the photos and the officer also seen bruises on her neck, arms, and leg. Alberto also attacked her when she denied the accusation of infidelity. And also said to her that if she told anything about the assault so he will drop him somewhere in the middle of the road.

Conviction Charges

He is charged with the accused of one count of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault. If he convicted of first-degree charges. The first-degree punishment contains five years to life in prison and/or a fine up to Β£7,600.

And if Del Rio proved that he released the victim voluntarily. Then he is punished with the second degree of aggravated kidnapping. So the second-degree punishment contains prison sentences between two and 20 years and/or a fine up to Β£7,600. And now there is not cleared about the date of the next trial.

About Alberto Del Rio?

JosΓ© Alberto RodrΓ­guez Chucuan, former WWE Champion under the ring name Alberto Del Rio born on May 25, 1977, inΒ San Luis PotosΓ­. Del Rio belongs to well known Mexican wrestling families. He is a Mexican-AmericanΒ professional wrestler,Β professional wrestlingΒ promoter, and also a mixed martial artist.

Looking into his achievement he became theΒ firstΒ Mexico-born world champion in WWE after won theΒ WWE ChampionshipΒ and theΒ World Heavyweight Championship twice each. He is the only man in history with nine times world champion.


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