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Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Balwin Welcome Their 5th Child! And It’s A BOY!

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Balwin
Source: Instagram

A Boy!

Hilaria Baldwin had announced a few months back that she was pregnant with their fifth baby. Hilaria has gone through two miscarriages in the past, but this time there was no error. The two welcomes their fifth baby, and it’s a baby boy for them.

Hilaria was very active during the lockdown and shared pictures of her baby bump repeatedly. All the fans of the two were eagerly waiting for the baby, and Hilaria made it a point to show a glimpse of the baby right after delivery.

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Balwin
Source: Instagram

Alec And Hilaria Baldwin Have Their Perfect Baby

The duo hasn’t decided the name. Moreover, they have asked their fans to be a little patient and wait for the announcement. Hilaria described the baby as perfect with the mother in her coming right on the surface. In the picture that she posted on her Instagram profile, she held on to the baby with Alec by her side, looking adorably at his newborn son. With the picture, she gave the caption:

“We had a baby last night. He is perfect, and we couldn’t be happier. Stay tuned for a name.”

Alec Baldwin Was With Hilaria During Labor

With the coronavirus pandemic, many hospitals are not taking any risk regarding social distancing. Many hospitals are not even allowing the partner to be in the room at the time of labour.

However, Alec and Hilaria were lucky enough as Alec was with his wife to support her while she went through the pain of childbirth. Hilaria later posted another picture of Alec where he flaunts his arms that has the footprint of his newborn baby.

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Balwin
Source: The Sun

Hilaria Baldwin Face Times Her Kids To Introduce The New Born Baby

Hilaria Baldwin shared many screenshots of her Face Time with her four kids who were at home during the time of delivery. Her kids are excited to meet their little brother. They were curious to know if the baby could talk and were eager to meet their mom and the baby. As of now, stay tuned for there is a name coming very soon.


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