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Alice Johnson: Why Trump gives a second chance to Alice Johnson during his presidential race? What Alice Johnson says at RNC.

Alice Johnson, a single 65-year-old woman, was charged lifetime imprisonment. Donald Trump, on the advice of Kim Kardashian and Joe hidden co-sponsored bill, charged Alice for life imprisonment. HerΒ sentenceΒ was computedΒ in June 2018 for lobbying from reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Johnson will finally speak onΒ Thursday’sΒ RNC.

Alice Johnson: Why give a second chance just before elections?

The question arises why it us even a matter of discussion right now. Well, Alice would have never been imprisoned for a lifetime since earlier, the punishment was 20 years for selling drugs over 5 kilograms. However, in the Anti Drug Abuse Act under Joe Biden, the punishment has increased to a lifetime.

It seems like Trump is using it against Biden to win the presidential race. He has given Alice a second chance and a word in front of the world to speak her heart out.

Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson

Biden then made one more law on the drug which says if you sell 5 grams of cocaine or 500 grams the punishment will remain the same. Since 1989 Biden had made many drug Abuse Act that put thousands of people behind bars. Now According to the reports, one-third of crimes in America are related to drugs. Trumps intention to bring up Alice Johnson and given her second chance is pretty clear. Every drug dealer has a hope to get out of prison and get a second chance from Trump. Just like Alice Johnson

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On Thursday’s RNC Alice Johnson will come forward and speak up about the welfare and wellbeing of now-President Donald Trump. Alice will speak about the positive impact of electing Trump as a President again.

Johnson has since become one of the faces of his administration’s criminal justice reforms and appeared in Trump’s 2020 Super Bowl ad.

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