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Alicia Keys: Would’ve Ended Up As A Prostitute Or A Drug Addict! Shares her Early Life Story! Check Here

Alicia keys In Conversation With The Guardian
source: The Independent

The Hollywood singer Alicia keys opened up about the struggles she went through. She is an inspiration for all and will continue to be the one. Keys recently in an interview with The guardian shared the meaning of her song “Underdog”. Moreover, she calls herself an “Underdog” as things have never been the same for her and mostly unbearable. However, let us move ahead with the topic and learn about the same.

Alicia keys In Conversation With The Guardian

Alicia keys In Conversation With The Guardian
source: GRAMMY.com

The star performer got in touch with The Guardian, where she talked about her life experiences and music album. The single “Underdog” will be released by 2021 says Keys. Keys had a miserable childhood at hells kitchen as she was exposed to Prostitution, fights and even worse.

Hence She says that she never want that old life or experience back in her life. She calls herself underdog as she managed to come out of the worse and give her life a fresh new start. Alicia says “I am that person,”. “The one that wasn’t supposed to make it out of Hell’s Kitchen, who was believed to end up being a prostitute, a young mother at 16 years old, or addicted to drugs.

She further added “I am the one who was supposed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got harmed or killed. And what the f*** is a dream? A dream is a richness if you have to pay all these bills and put food on the table for your kids. That is why I learn so much about what it means to have the concentration to follow your individual path.

Alicia keys an inspiration

Alicia keys In Conversation With The Guardian
source: GRAMMY.com

The Hollywood actress has indeed inspired people around. The place she came from and the stage she is at is immense and respectful. The one who could have ended up a prostitute worked hard on her dream and made it possible. What could be more inspiring than this?. Moreover, she always tries to motivate and inspire people around, especially women. Being a woman, she understands what women go through. Hence she tries to give strength to one the ones in difficulties through her songs.

About Alicia keys

Alicia keys In Conversation With The Guardian
source: Allure

Alicia Keys is a Hollywood actress, a songwriter and a singer born on January 25, 1981. Moreover, she is a trained pianist and often used to play the piano in the past days. She started composing songs from a young age. Keys was just 12 years old when she wrote her first song. The singer is thriving and has sold more than 16 millions copies worldwide. Furthermore, she did several films and is known worldwide for her voice and music.

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