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Alita 2: Might Not Be According To Christoph Waltz

Poster of the Alita Battle Angel released in 2019.

Alita 2: Not Happening As Expected:

The film, Alita: Battle Angel, is released in February of 2019. A month before that, its rights are officially acquired by Disney and it was sure that Alita 2 will be there. Based on a popular 90’s anime, this feature focuses on the cyborg. She awakes with no memories of her origin.

Then she subsequently goes on a journey of self-discovery to unlock the warrior in her. James Camero, the filmmaker of Avatar, has a passion project. The directorial reins of this project are passed on to Robert Rodriguez. The Cameron latches on as a producer.

Alita 2: Follows The Modest Hit Of Alita:

The film is a modest hit. It ranks in $404 million (USD) on a $170 million (USD) budget. However, a sequel is yet to be put out to the world. The actor Christoph Waltz thinks it may be due to the franchise’s new landlords.

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Th most awaited Alita Battle Angel 2 is expected soon.

Collider’s Interview:

They took an interview with Collider to promote his new Quibi project. The 63-year-old plays the role of Dr Dyson Ido in Alita. He digs into what he thought of the film’s passionate fanbase and whether he will be willing to return to the franchise.

Waltz’s Explanation:

Waltz then gives his opinion on why a follow-up to Alita has not yet been announced. Despite its popularity, it attributes that to the change in ownership for the franchise.

Waltz explains that everyone knows that earlier it was Fox and Fox doesn’t exist anymore. Now it’s Disney. He says that it may not fit into the Disneyfication. Maybe they’re working on something, and he will not be the first person to hear. But meanwhile, he hasn’t heard anything.

He exclaims that he is one among those individuals who enjoy Alita: Battle Angel. It has major narrative issues. Altogether, it is a fresh concept that has so much more potential to be developed within its neon landscape.

Christoper Waltz from the movie Alita Battle Angel.

Is The Series Dead?

However, Waltz’s comments cannot be taken as confirmation that the series is dead. Disney has indeed shut down several Fox projects in development following the significant acquisition.

Love For Alita:

However, there is a massive audience for Alita who express their love towards it. Moreover, the cast expresses their interest in repeating their roles. If people express their interest continuously, will the studio be willing to invest in a sequel? I hope so, or this will have been the Battle Angel’s swan song.

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