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Alita Battle Angel 2: 10 Query We Have About The Continuation !

Poster of the Alita Battle Angel released in 2019.

Alita: Battle Angel was a massive success in the history of animated movies. Initially, it gained a lot of fans and masses of various age groups flocked to watch it. Earning more than 400 millions of dollars, and now Alita Battle Angel 2 is releasing soon. Let’s look at the queries about its sequel.

Alita Battle Angels 2:The Queries

1. Is It Going To Adopt More Of The Original Material Or Write Its Script?

Since the movie is from work by Yukito Kishiro originally aΒ cyberpunk manga series, we can expect the plot to pick it up from there. Minor additions or cuts can be made. It is highly probable for the entire Script to differ.

Th most awaited Alita Battle Angel 2 is expected soon.

2. If The Sequel Is Confirmed, How Long Will It Take To Release?

It could take a minimum of another year for the trailer to release. Even the Script is not confirmed. With the current virus borne situation, delays are likely to extend.

3. Will James Cameron Play A Role In The Production Process?

I don’t think that he could, but who knows. This is wildly random.

4. Is Robert Rodriguez Returning?

Yes, he has to. James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have been discussing the plot and plan a lot. He has to work on the sequel too if it is confirmed. He has provided the movie will a lot of support before too.

5. What Can Be The Rough Plot?

This question is the most widely asked and yet the most uncertain. We are unfortunate to know nothing about the plot except for the fact that Alita can make some profound discoveries about herself from the past.

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6. Which Stars Can Make A Comeback?

Apart from the main character Alita, we cannot be sure of any others.Β  Christof Waltz too could return.

Alita 2
The cast of the Alita Battle Angel which is expected for its upcoming sequel.

7. What Are The Reasons For Delay?

Robert and James Cameron wanted the movie to expand. When they made the first one, they already had a lot of ideas for the sequel. Initially, Robert tried to turn it into a Trilogy of movies. Maybe they have too many ideas or none at all. The Fix merge could also be a reason.

8. What Are The Chances The Sequel Won’t Happen?

The chances aren’t extensive at all, and I’m not going to lie. Disney bought Fox only recently, and I don’t see it making a new movie anytime sooner.

9. Are There Modification In The Main Character?

There could be some tiny modification in Alita itself, because, why not. It would give her new features, and it could also modify her characteristics too. Won’t you like a new shade of hair or eye? Maybe a new favourite something?

10. Is It Worth It?

It is worth it. We loved this series and want another new storyline or maybe a modified one with a good ending. It is always going to be worth it. We can never say no to a perfectly good movie, especially in these times.

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