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Alita Battle Angel 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, And Everything You Need To Know

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Alita: Battle AngelΒ released in theatres on 8 February 2019. The American cyberpunk action film is based on Japanese manga artistΒ Yukito Kishorio’sΒ 1990s series Gunnm.Β James Cameron,Β known for hits likeΒ Avatar, Titanic, and The Terminator,Β had produced the film. James Cameron co-wrote the script with Laeta Kalogridis with Robert RodriguezΒ in the director’s chair. The movie is going to get a sequel “Alita Battle Angel 2”.

Alita, a battle cyborg, is revived by a doctor calledΒ Ido,Β who realizes that she has a teenage soul insider her body. However, she doesn’t have any idea about who she and is and where she has ended up. The film revolves around Alita, who then sets out a quest to learn about her past and get to know her true identity.Alita: Battle Angel 2 Story, Release Date, Will It Happen?

With an IMDb rating 7.3/10 and the Tomatometer at 61%, the film has not managed to live up to its expectations. But due to the popularity of the manga series, the fans are eagerly waiting for a sequel to the film

Will There Be A Sequel?

Alita: Battle Angel 2 has not received the green signal yet. The first movie received mixed responses from people all around. However, the film managed to make a whopping business of $404 million worldwide. This can speed things up for the sequel. But if the film goes ahead, it will certainly take up a lot of time to finish. So if the sequel goes ahead, we can expect it to release sometime 2022. As of now, there have been announcements regarding the release date if at all a sequel happens.

Alita Battle Angel 2: What To Expect?

The film showcases Alita, who wakes up to find herself in the body of a cyborg. She is revived by a doctorΒ Dr. Dyson Ido,Β who soon discovers that she has to the soul of a teenager. Although, Alita has no idea about who she is and how she has ended up where she is. She then sets on a quest that will reveal her past and help her know her identity.Alita: Battle Angel Trailer - Now With a Bit Less ...


fmovies websites search suggestion is here, In the first films, Alita discovered her past as a Berserker and her growing relationship with father Ido. In addition to that, her emerging skills at Motorball and romance with cyborg-jacker Hugo sets up the stage for a sequel. The film is very close to the 1993 hit animeΒ Battle AngelΒ and has adopted two volumes of the manga. Both the volumes end up on a similar plot beat withΒ Hugo dying at the end of both volumes. So if the sequel goes ahead, we can expect the following:

  • Alita’s journey in Iron City
  • The deadly fall
  • Zalem’s survivor and the
  • Nova’s true motives

The previous part ended with Hugo’s death which means we can expect to see vengeful Alita in the sequel.

Who Will Return For The Sequel?

There has been no official announcement regarding the cast. This is how we expect the cast to be:New Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Prepares for the Ultimate ...

  • Rosa Salazar asΒ Alita
  • Christopher Waltz asΒ Dr. Dyson Ido
  • Mahershala Ali asΒ Vector
  • Keenan Johnson asΒ Hugo
  • Jennifer Conelly asΒ Chiren
  • Elza Gonzalez asΒ Nissan


Alita: Battle Angel, a 20th Century Fox release, is currently streaming onΒ Disney+.


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