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All About BTS Ep 114: Jungkook Imitating Jimin’s Voice And Special Guests

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Run BTS Ep 114: Special Guests And Hilarious Online Game Between Team A And B

It was announced this morning that the legendary T1 esports team of the League of Legends will be special guests on Run BTS.

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The boys were very happy to welcome their guests with the theme being League of Number 1. As an enthusiastic J-Hope shouted, “The BTS of the game world,” which had the members trolling Hobi.

Eventually, as they introduced themselves, the special guests made their entrance as BTS hyped them. As they said their hellos, Faker, Teddy, Effort, Cuzz and Canna were extremely shy. Breaking the ice was J-Hope as he hilariously reenacted a Garen ability step to welcome them. Everyone laughing out loud. It was BTS vs. T1 in a game of I Am Ground to get to know each other better. As V instantly deceived his ’95 line bestie Jimin, who was the first one to get out. As RM and Jungkook defeated Canna in the end. It seemed as if T1 was playing a bit mellow on purpose to help out BTS. The next game, which included playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, was the Toy Hammer Game.

BTS Members And Others In Jolly Mood

Suga, who was overflowing with swag, mostly dominated the game as he defeated none other than Faker himself.Β  While Jin won against Canna towards the end. RM joked about Yoongi,

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“For the rest of his life he’s going to talk about this,” while Jin joked, “It’s a tale to brag about drinks for life! I beat the answer pace of Canna. A bragging-right for life.”

V was trolled by his bandmates who asked him if during their round he was on a date with Faker. BTS ARMY’s hawk eyes, on the other hand, saw Jimin and Jungkook play their own round of Rock, Paper, Scissors adorably. The next round saw the division of teams into 6:6. The singing round would see Team A and Team B singing BTS ‘songs and during the online games. The winner with the highest singing score would get an advantage.

And The Game Begins

Team A was seen singing IDOL with RM, Teddy, Suga, Faker, Jimin and Cuzz. While Team B was seen singing Boy With Luv Ft. with J-Hope, Canna, Jungkook, Jin, Effort and V.

From Halsey. In Boy With Luv, which had ChimChim and Yoongi in splits. ARMY could not get over Kookie imitating his Jimin hyung’s intro. While we were also left impressed with Hobi raping Suga’s rap verse. In addition, Effort, who is a BTS fan. Even dyed his hair blue to copy the look of Taehyung from Boy With Luv, was enthusiastically seen singing the album. Team A and Team B each had a score that was tied.

Mundo Dodgeball was the first game between Team A and Team B. Team won the game. The warm-up game saw Faker and Jin becoming the Mundo for the respective team. As the former was left flustered with the members cutely trolling him. When it came to providing the laughter with his trash talk during the game. Jimin was in his A-game while V quipped that they should all go together to a PC Cafe in Gapyeong. With the former kidding by betting to delete the loser ‘s ID.Β  The next round saw Jimin and Jin as the Mundos. As they saw the fight in the middle row, V and Teddy were seen sitting in the ‘VIP seat’. RM kept reaching J-Hope as the former yelled that Olaf and Mundo of Team A had no mana. With a clean hit on Jimin’s Mundo, Canna was able to win for Team B.

Fun And Trolling Continues

In a What The Box game, the next game saw Team A take on Team B where they had to attack each other’s boxes.

Although Canna and Teddy kept killing Namjoon and Jin, Jimin, J-Hope and RM kept getting themselves killed. It was a 3:1 takedown at one point that pitted Commitment, Canna and Jungkook against Faker. In addition, ARMY gushed over Cuzz to refer to Jungkook as Jungkook hyung. When V asked who Goatminam from Team A was that killed his character. RM raised his hand cutely, making the duo laugh, an endearing Taejoon moment came. As one member got an incredible 15 kills, both rounds were won by Team A. Jimin proudly flaunted standing up as J-Hope and Jin trolled him, saying they killed him so many times.

“It was because of my care and words for them.” Jin quipped, “Teddy, that’s not how you’re supposed to play a game,” with the latter apologizing cutely

Suga then wonders whether Gang Beasts should be played as Run BTS Ep 114 has come to a close.

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