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All About Presidential Election 2020 Calendar. Check It Out Here

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Dates For The Presidential Election 2020

All About Presidential Election 2020 Calendar. Check It Out Here: Voters will cast ballots in the 2020 presidential race in the fall. But primary elections across the U.S. to pick the Democratic nominee have been delayed or relocated or conducted under potentially unsafe circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the direction of the campaigns of candidates.

Joe Biden on the right and Donald Trump on the left
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The Democratic candidate will engage in presidential debates against Donald Trump this fall following such contests and nominating conventions.

On Nov. 3, U.S. voters will determine whether to grant a second four-year term to Republican President Donald Trump or replace him with Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee.

Sept. 29:

The first presidential debate in 2020 was to take place in the University of Notre Dame. But over health issues, the university withdrew from the event.Β  It is Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.

Oct. 7:

Voting is at the University of Utah, which holds the only debate between the running mates. The Republic and Democratic candidates for vice president will debate.

Oct. 15:

The second presidential debate will happen atΒ the Adrienne Arsht Centre for the Performing Arts in Miami.

Oct. 22:

Tennessee will host the final presidential debate in Belmont University, Nashville.

Nov. 3:

Voters around the U.S. will take part in a general election to choose the next President, along with other candidates that appear on local ballots, on Election Day.

Dec. 14:

The Electoral college representatives will meet in State Capitols to cast their votes. The winner of each state’s popular vote earns the states electoral votes. It is proportionally divided according to the population. The candidates with a majority of 538 electoral votes or 270 win the presidency.

New Year, New President!

Jan. 6 2021:

Congress counts the electoral votes, and the Senate President declare the President.

Jan. 20 2021:

The nominee and his running mate are sworn in as President and vice president of the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

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