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All American On The CW: What’s On With Season 3

All American

In recent years, the CW has offered viewers some of the best TV shows like Arrow, Supernatural, and Riverdale. However, one program that seems to have gone under the radar but still has a mass of supportive fans is the All American football soap.

Since its premiere in 2018, the life of former NFL linebacker inspires them and Super Bowl champion Spencer Paysinger. His childhood in South Los Angeles has discussed the distance between characters living in dramatically different environments. And with the fall usually showing time like this return, some may be curious about the All American Season 3.


CW Revived All American for a Third Season January 2020

Back in January (which honestly feels like years ago at this point), CW agreed to renew all 13 of its scripted shows that did not conclude until the 2019-2020 season. This included second season shows such as Batwoman and Nancy Drew. The classics such as Supergirl, Riverdale, and All American.

A Deadline report showing all the return shows to the widespread network. All American Season 3 was in sharp contrast to its treatment in 2019 where the second season was not ordered until April, due in part to the success of the Netflix show despite being one of the least-watched TV programs in the 2018-2019 season.

All American Season 3 is scheduled to take place on CW in January 2021.

Shortly after, CW ordered a third All-American season, which turned the entertainment world like the rest of us upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With tv and film productions shut down worldwide for several months. The networks had to worry about long-term planning and find remedies for long delays.

In May 2020, CW President Mark Pedowitz agreed to be cautious and delay much of the network’s programming until 2021. But instead of seeing All American’s return this fall. We’ll have to wait until January 2021 to see how things are going with Spencer James and the rest of the characters.


Production was underway In September 2020

However,Β  briefly suspended production at the new All American season a few days later after someone tested positive for COVID-19 on set. According to The Hollywood Reporter, whose name was not revealed entered the quarantine. The show took a brief break as a safety measure.

Unfortunately, this appears to have been popular with productions as the industry begins to fire again amid a pandemic.

The Brief delay with new safety measures

According to Deadline, the brief delay in development was very short, one day to be precise. All American was up to go at the beginning of October 2020. They have published no further positive tests at the time.
But if a video shared by Taye Diggs (while wearing a face shield) on his Instagram account is to be believed, certain reasonably intensive protective precautions have been placed in a place for the safety of everyone on the set

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