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All Is Not Well Between Big Sean And Kanye West, Backs By Charlamagne!

Big Sean
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Charlamagne Backs Big Sean Over Dispute With Kanye

Seems a long-running battle going on between Big Sean and Kanye West. Kanye West accused of doing injustice overpayment to Sean. And what came in recent development is that the host of the Breakfast Club is backing him.

Big Sean, in his raps without taking Kanye’s name, backlash him with a high note over his unfair treatment. Charlamagne, The God openly supports the rapper in his Twitter handle and promise to back such other rappers. He also shows his disgust over the peeing of the Grammy Award.

It seems The Breakfast Club host is not at all happy with the platform and serving by the Grammy Award authorities.

The Deal That Gone Wrong With Big Sean

Comin to Big Sean and Kanye West’s dispute, they had a vast deal recently which did not go well and come to a sour note. The Detroit rapper in his ‘Timeless’ pours his heart out with the disappointment over Kanye. Though he not even once took his name, fans picked it up from the tone.

Big Sean signed a deal with G.O.OD music with $15,000 in advance, and Kanye owes Sean $3M, which is a considerable amount. But according to the agreement, Kanye got half of Sean’s royalty and also half of his profits. Which is an injustice to Big Sean, Charlamagne feels.

Kanye West recently proclaimed to have $5M, and the deal with Sean proved profitable for him. At the same time, Big feel discouraged over the agreement and having a continuous dispute over the issue with Kanye. Charlamagne is leaving no stone underneath over the issue and raising voice against the hypocrisy of Kanye.

Kanye West’s Hypocrisy

He also claimed that the rap master could’ve still claim his right for the Master’s recordings but Kanye back footed and said no to him. Which is wrong, being a multi-billionaire not helping the rising star for their contribution is wrong.

Big Sean
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Big Sean seems to have a wrong time because of Kanye west’s hypocrisy, and he had to pay huge for the deal with the G.O.O.D music owner. Coming to Kanye, he has earlier also being accused multiple times of his amid hypocrisy. He even accused of having bad terms with his own family, The Kardashians.

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