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All The Intel On Iphone 12 Pieces, Sizes And 5G Support

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Apple plays a very important role in the mobile industry. It releases mobiles with all the new features. These iPhones gain so much popularity for the best specifications. One of the best features is its camera, which is liked by all the people. Already, Apple satisfies with the release of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and 11 max. So, now Apple is trying to launch iPhone 12 with some more new features.

Recently, Apple released iPhone SE, which is similar to the features of the iPhone 11. However, Apple now concentrates to give the mobile with unexpected features. Also, we could expect some new features and specifications for the mobile. Officially, Apple has not released any update about the upcoming iPhone 12. So, let us discuss all the rumours and expectations about prices and sizes for the iPhone 12.

New Apple Mobile Features

Apple iPhone 12 will be available in four different models. These four different models will be in three different sizes. The prizes of these will be around 649 U.S dollars to 1099 U.S dollars. So, the most important thing is these iPhones will have a 5G network. Also, Jon Prosser posted the specifications of the new four models of the iPhone 12.

New iPhone concept goes as far as to imagine iOS 12 ...

The price of the 5.4-inch version of the iPhone will cost around 649 U.S dollars. Moreover, the 6.1-inch version of the iPhone will cost around 749 U.S dollars. All these four models of the iPhone 12 will have a dual-camera arrangement. Also, apple adds the third camera to two mobiles of these models. So, the 6.1-inch version of the iPhone 12 Pro will cost around 999 U.S dollars and 12 pro max will be 1099 U.S dollars.

Other Specifications

So, the important aspect of these mobiles is the LiDAR scanner for the new iPhones. Thus, users will a sensor and measure depth and can improve in their AR performance. This LiDAR was first included on iPad Pro 2020. This was designed to improve the performance of the iPhone AR apps.

Also, mobiles that have this sensor will be used for photo and video apps to have the best quality. These iPhone 12 will have a smother 120Hz ProMotion display. So, these will be out with totally new designs with flatter edges and new blue colour.


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